Danielle Boyer, Ojibwe roboticist

Danielle Boyer, Ojibwe roboticist

Logo Image for International Women in Robotics Day

Logo Image for International Women in Robotics Day

Celebrating International Women in Robotics Day October 4th

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In celebration of the launch of International Women in Robotics Day, the Women in Robotics organization has released another “50 women in robotics you need to know about” collection of stories. With a growing robotics industry there are many opportunities for everyone to get involved in robotics, which provides the motivation for showcasing the wide range of roles that women play in robotics today.

Since 2012, the Women in Robotics organization has released a list of women building the future in robotics. The list has covered all ages, career stages, types of occupation and experience. More than 350 women have been featured already showing that women have always been working in the robotics industry, in the earliest robotics research labs and companies, although those stories have often been forgotten.

This year’s collection includes Nancy Cornelius, co-founder of Boston Dynamics and the first engineer hired. Cornelius remained an integral part of Boston Dynamics until the company was sold to Google in 2013. Vandi Verma is the head of NASA’s rover (robot) program. Joanna Buttler is the head of the Global Autonomous Technology Group for Daimler Truck. And Whitney Rockley founded a venture capital company investing exclusively in ‘industrial internet’ companies like Clearpath Robotics.

For the first time, an Indigenous (Ojibwe) American roboticist, Danielle Boyer, has been featured. Boyer started a non-profit The STEAM Connection to combat the difficulties that many kids have getting access to robotics. She created an affordable robot kit that’s been distributed to thousands of students, and is proudest of the SKOBOT project. Personalized robots that keep culture and language traditions alive. Boyer epitomizes the motto “Building the Future”.

The collections feature women from all regions of the world and this year includes 23 countries; Nigeria, India, China, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Croatia, Korea, Denmark, Singapore, Italy, Romania, United States, Sweden, Spain, Canada, the UK, Israel, Austria, Belgium, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. There is an active Latinx community in Women in Robotics engaged in translating more robotics information into Spanish, hoping to create more connections between the global robotics community and the roboticists, and potential roboticists, of Latin America.

“There have always been women doing great things in robotics! We’re very pleased to present another collection of strong female role models for young and upcoming roboticists (of any gender),” says Andra Keay, President of Women in Robotics. “It’s said that ‘you can’t be, what you can’t see’ and so this showcase is one of our most important activities, but it bears a lot of fruit. When we feature young professionals, this often gives them an extra career boost, and the collection has been useful for recruitment including for conference speakers. No one can use the excuse that they couldn’t find any women for something any more!”


You can also join in the Women in Robotics celebrations today and throughout October, with events listed on the women in robotics site, like Diversity Cocktails at the IROS conference in Detroit, or the launch of the Los Angeles women in robotics chapter. Women in Robotics is a global community organization for women and non-binary people working in robotics and those who’d like to work in robotics. Learn more at https://womeninrobotics.org

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