Allentown School District Expands Educational Resources with Brainfuse On-Demand Tutoring Solutions

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Allentown School District Board of Directors enhances the educational experience for its students by purchasing two Brainfuse online tutoring services.

We are excited to bring Brainfuse to the Allentown community. Our dedication to inclusivity stands out as a hallmark feature of Brainfuse.”

— Portia Naze, Account Executive

ALLENTOWN, PA, US, August 14, 2023/ — The Allentown School District Board of Directors has taken a significant step towards enhancing the educational experience for its students by approving the purchase of two cutting-edge Brainfuse online tutoring services. The decision was made at a special meeting on August 10, where Superintendent Dr. Carol Birks and Board President Audrey Mathison, along with other board members, expressed their wholehearted endorsement of the move.

The approved solutions include the HelpNow Support Suite and the High Dosage Tutoring, BoostHDT, both designed to bolster student learning and achievement across a range of grade levels. The HelpNow Support Suite, catering to pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12, will be implemented for $143,000. In addition, the High Dosage Tutoring program, known as BoostHDT, aimed at small groups, received unanimous approval with a budget of $356,832.

Brainfuse’s innovative online tutoring platform offers an array of interconnected services, crafted to provide students with comprehensive assistance in various ways. This suite of services encompasses:

• Expert help available 24/7 through live on-demand tutoring.

• Small group tutoring for more personalized guidance.

• Targeted tutoring to address specific learning needs.

• Access to an online writing lab for honing writing skills.

• A comprehensive set of study tools to aid in effective learning.

• Individualized learning plans tailored to each student’s requirements.

• A language lab to enhance language skills.

• A library of video lessons for comprehensive understanding.

• Resources for college and career exploration.

• Collaboration tools to encourage interactive learning.

The Brainfuse platform ensures ease of access for both students and families, as it can be used on any internet-connected device, including mobile phones. Furthermore, the inclusion of data dashboards for families and schools provides valuable insights into student growth and progress.

Portia Naze, Account Executive at Brainfuse, says, “We are excited to bring Brainfuse to the Allentown community. Our dedication to inclusivity stands out as a hallmark feature of Brainfuse. By integrating bilingual tutors and harnessing AI-driven translation capabilities, we empower seamless communication between educators and learners in virtually any language. This unwavering commitment ensures that language barriers never become obstacles to the journey of learning.

Additionally, the Brainfuse tutoring initiative is a transformative force in the landscape of K-12 education, introducing round-the-clock, on-demand tutoring. Whether students seek immediate assistance or if parents and educational institutions orchestrate sessions for individuals or small groups, this approach effectively addresses the challenges of the classroom.”

Brainfuse BOOST HDT, backed by ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) Tier 1 effectiveness research, has demonstrated its potential to enhance student academic achievement. Through sustained engagement with a consistent tutor who monitors progress, this program fosters improvements in key areas, including problem-solving skills, independent learning, academic confidence, and comprehension of content.

The Allentown School District’s investment in Brainfuse marks a pivotal moment in its commitment to providing students with the tools and resources needed to excel academically. By harnessing the power of Brainfuse’s innovative tutoring solutions, the district aims to nurture a generation of well-rounded and successful individuals.

About Brainfuse: In 1999, Brainfuse developed a scalable, research-based solution that enabled school districts to offer online tutoring to all students at an affordable fixed cost. Tutoring, once a luxury to a privileged few, was now a realistic option for districts.

From countless programs in rural areas to state/citywide programs (including New Mexico, New York, Los Angeles County, Chicago, San Francisco, and Houston) no other online provider has tutored more students, across as many diverse populations. And with a 97% student satisfaction rate, and industry-leading staffing and quality control features, no other provider is more trusted than Brainfuse.

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