Caring Place HUB – The New Comprehensive Aging Caregiving Solution

The Caring Place HUB App

The Caring Place HUB App

Jeannette Galvanek, Founder, CareWise Solutions

A central HUB seamlessly connects caregivers to the resources they need to allow aging loved ones to age at home while employed caregivers maintain a job.

This tech solution helps individuals and employees simplify and destress their lives as a caregiver making it easier to stabilize the collision between work and care.”

— Jeannette Galvanek

OLDWICK, NEW JERSEY, USA, January 13, 2024 / — As family caregivers struggle to balance jobs with providing care to aging loved ones, innovative solutions are needed to help recapture time spent searching for caregiving resources.

CareWise Solutions announces this innovative solution in the Caring Place HUB app that can transform how family members provide support to aging loved ones. Employed family caregivers experience seamless integration of the Caring Place HUB app on their iPhone as part of their caregiving routine. This technological solution supports the caregiving experience, especially for employed family caregivers.

The Scenario

Imagine a scenario where a family caregiver has a busy work and family life in addition to providing care for their aging loved one. In this modern caregiving story, the family caregiver is likely overwhelmed with the process of searching for the right resources, vetting each one, and finding genuine guidance on how to juggle their job responsibilities.

The Hero: The Caring Place HUB

Our hero in this narrative is a smartphone app designed specifically for caregivers, with extra resources for working caregivers. It acts as a central HUB that seamlessly connects caregivers to the resources they need. This unique approach brings a new level of efficiency and convenience to the aging caregiving journey.

Key Resources

The Caring Place HUB smartphone app includes proprietary and curated resources for Employers, Employee-Caregivers, and families. Organizations provide the Caring Place HUB as an employee benefit, but the app is also available to individual caregivers.

The Caring Place HUB includes over 200 resources.

• Access to Care Management Services

• Staffing, Virtual Health Providers, and Special Needs Products

Pharmacy Discounts and Services

• Priority Solutions to Increase Independence at Home

• Curated Voice-Activated Assistance Access

• Vetted Apps for Wellness, Organizing, Communications

• Computer Assistance Service for Seniors

• Legal And Life Planning Professionals

• Entertainment options such as Streaming Live Music

• Caregiver and Family Support Networks

• Caregivers or their loved ones may qualify for a FREE high-speed 10GB monthly data and a FREE tablet

• Access To Tested, Curated Professional Associations, and Government Resources

• Access To a Curated Marketplace with Premium Products

• Integration With Employer’s Benefits Portals

• Work and Care Learning Programs

• Training For Diverse Caregivers

• Blogs and Articles on Topics Relevant to Caregivers and Families

• Caring Place Resources to Keep Employees on The Job

• Employee Caregiver Stories for Support and Motivation

• Employee Orientation Online Course

• Access To Premium CareWise Education and Training

• Employee and Family Care Management eBooks and Communications

• Care And Career Newsletters

• Podcasts

• CareWise Solutions Reports and Caregiver Guides

• And more…

Embracing technological advancements elevates the family caregiving experience, making it easier to juggle a job and family caregiving responsibilities. This Caring Place HUB implementation story is a testament to how innovation seamlessly integrates into the daily routines of overwhelmed family caregivers.

This proactive step moves the industry towards a more responsive and less overwhelming caregiving experience. Users now embark on the journey to support family caregiving with the assistance of modern technology. The Caring Place HUB App will soon be a FREE Download in the Apple Store

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The Caring Place HUB iPhone App for Individuals

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