From Japan to Hands: Where Tradition Meets Trend

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An arm with a white sleeve holding a pink shibori bag, small with a ruffled texture, in front of a brick background.

BROOKLYN, NY, KINGS, March 7, 2024 / — By Hitomi Mizuno

In recent years, the demand for eco-bags has been increasing due to growing environmental awareness. And now, the shibori eco-bag, a blend of Japanese tradition and trend, offered by Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo, is attracting attention. It has the unique feature of changing size and shape according to the size and shape of the luggage. First of all, most people don’t know about the word “shibori”. Simply put, shibori is one of Japan’s traditional dyeing methods. Let’s introduce an eco-friendly bag that is a blend of this traditional Japanese shibori and the latest trends.

The Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo

Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and this hidden gem is building a connection between Japan and Brooklyn. Here, they offer Japanese food, Japanese goods, and vintage clothing. The store’s mission is to build a connection between Japan and Brooklyn and to introduce Japanese-American hybrid ideas and products to the world. They also create sustainable products inspired by the fusion of both cultures. One such product is this “shibori” eco-bag.

What is Shibori?

“Shibori” is a traditional Japanese method of dyeing cloth. In this technique, the cloth is squeezed, folded, and bound to limit the extent to which the dye can penetrate, creating unique patterns and designs. Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo has incorporated the shibori technique into their eco-friendly bags. Through this initiative, the wonderful culture of shibori is arranged in a modern way and used in the design of eco-bags. This arrangement allows the beauty and uniqueness of shibori to be passed on, while also improving the functionality of the eco-bag as a means of conveying Japanese culture to the rest of the world. It is believed that the modern approach has made “shibori” widely popular among all generations and has brought Japanese tradition to life in a new way.

The hidden charms and unique feature of this eco bag

The greatest feature of the shibori eco-bag is that it changes size and shape according to the amount of luggage. It is easy to use based on anyone’s needs. This makes them useful in a variety of situations, from everyday shopping to travel.

“If there’s a lot of luggage in the bag, won’t it keep the shape of the aperture and won’t it return to its original shape?” Some people may think that this is a problem. However, even if this shibori eco-bag stretches out, a simply hand-wash the bag and it will easily return to its original shape. The durability and long use make it an economical and environmentally friendly choice.

Also, since the shibori eco-bag does not need to be folded, it can be easily used when both hands are full. Despite its compact design, it has a large storage capacity and is extremely easy to use. And with seven different colors to choose from, anyone can find their favorite color. By choosing a favorite color, it can also be used as a fashion accent. It blends in easily as a bag for everyday use, creating a stylish atmosphere or allows anyone to coordinate it as part of their outfit.

In this way, the shibori eco-bag not only functions as an eco-bag, but its attractive design makes it an item that makes everyday life more convenient and enjoyable just by having it. Combining environmental friendliness and fashion, it is an essential item for the coming sustainable era. There is no reason not to pick up one of these products, BBFL has many other sustainable and attractive products besides this eco-bag.

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