Psychiatric Mental Health NP,  And Spravato Treatment Specialist, Betsy Serrano, Opens New Office in Phoenix

Betsy Serrano NP Treats Some of The Most Difficult Mental Health Issues, Including Treatment Resistant Depression and Opioid Use Disorder

I want all to know that there is hope and a solution to mental health disorders, and that they can live their best life.”

— Betsy Serrano

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, August 14, 2023/ — Betsy Serrano PMHNP, is a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner who just opened an office called Cora Health Solutions in the Arcadia/Biltmore area.

Betsy graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Arizona State University and continued her education, receiving her Master of Science in Nursing from Walden University.

Her nursing background began in post-cardiac intervention, and she swiftly discovered behavioral health to be her passion. She has worked in almost every department in the hospital, from medical/surgical, telemetry, orthopedic, emergency department, pre-and post-surgical, and even helping in the ICU as a traveling nurse in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

As a psychiatric mental health NP, she treats all outpatient mental health issues throughout a person’s lifespan including anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, and depression, (including Treatment Resistant Depression) and more.

Betsy has extensive training in Opioid Use Disorder and Treatment Resistant Depression – two of the most difficult issues to treat.

“It really comes down to listening and asking the right questions to know what to give the patient, and how to talk with them” states Betsy.

She decided to take the training for the use of Ketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression and is now a Spravoto Treatment Specialist.

Spravato, ( ºwhich came out in 2019, is a nasal form of Ketamine, and is covered by insurance, unlike Ketamine IV’s.

“Spravato has shown tremendous results,” states Betsy, “there are many studies on how it has helped people that have had depression and tried other antidepressants without success.”

She is now certified as a Spravato treatment center, where other therapists can refer their patients to her. For Spravoto.

With the Spravato protocol, the patient comes into the office to have their treatment and stays in the office for two hours after, so the practitioner can monitor them.

Most patients respond very favorably to Spravato.

With September being Suicide Prevention Month – we are all reminded of how serious deep depression can be.

“It is especially good for suicide ideation when we can get them approved through insurance pretty quickly and it can possibly help them feel better right away.” Says Betsy.

Any practitioner can refer her for Spravoto treatment.

Betsy is a compassionate therapist and uses a holistic approach to patient care. She understands that each patient has their own unique needs and tailors care specific to each patient. She treats her patients with dignity, respect, and empathy in a kind, nonjudgemental manner. Her mission is to help people live their best possible life, supporting their physical and mental health needs.

Additionally, Betsy has extensive training in Opioid Use Disorder and withdrawal.

For Opioid Addiction, she is one of the few that have completed the original required 25 hours of training (by the DEA) on Opioid Abuse Disorder and Withdrawal. She does prescribe Buprenorphine and knows how to treat, with it and without it.

“I believe people are inherently good and want to feel better and get better but their brain has been in this rut from stress or PTSD or whatever, and we just need to figure out how to get that brain back to feeling good” states Betsy. “If I can just find the right treatment I can help them get back to living their best life.”

She wants all to know that there is hope and a solution to mental health disorders, and that they can live their best life.

“I feel my mission is to help people live their best possible life, supporting their physical and mental health needs”, states Betsy.

Betsy just opened her own practice called Cora Health Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona.

About Betsy Serrano and Cora Health Solutions:

Cora Health Solutions is a mental health practice in the Biltmore Corridor. Betsy specializes in health care and holistic, complete, wellness by addressing mental health, addiction, pain, and weight management.

Betsy treats most all mental health issues including OCD, PTSD, ADHD, depression and more.


Betsy has had people coming to her for their problems or decisions even since high school. She always knew she wanted to be a nurse but taking advice from her elders, she went into business, then became a full time mom. After a divorce, she looked into nursing again and found a three-year waiting list.

After a few other careers, she found her way back to nursing school.

All of this experience has given her the ability to really see and hear the patients and treat with compassion.

She started as a nurse’s aide and soon knew she wanted to get her RN, then completing her LPN – while getting her RN.

She then went on to get her BSN and then her NP and became a nurse practitioner.

While doing her clinical she worked with Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner’s and found mental health to be her passion

Cora Health Solutions

4647 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85018


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[email protected] or 415-948-5275

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