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LONG LAKE, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2023 / — “Eating is meant to give us energy, it was never meant to drain our energy. When eating is in order, it gives us energy. When it is out of order, it drains our energy.” This is an observation of our guest Shirley Billigmeier.

Shirley Billigmeier is a coach and consultant, and the founder of Innergetics, a weight loss program that focuses on the enteric brain, more commonly known as the gut-brain. “It’s energy from within,” declares Shirley.

“The Innergetics process is a permanent solution for all eating and weight issues,” summarizes Shirley. “It’s permanent because I guide individuals to put their eating back in order, which means I reconnect the person to their original boundaries of eating. For instance, when an infant is born, they know when to start eating – they will cry when they’re hungry. They know when to stop eating. The feeling of hunger has gone away – been resolved with eating. The feeling of the stop is very strong in them – they will push the food away, close their little lips tight or spit it out! They don’t care how big you are, what degree you have, what their diaper size is – they simply want to stop eating. And we were all infants at one point in time, so we all own those boundaries. We just stopped listening and allowed outside influences to override our internal boundaries. The program is about taking away the interference so that the natural boundaries surface regarding hunger.”

“This process is more about empowering the individual, than putting another plan on top of them,” adds Shirley. “I don’t interfere with their choice of eating. I don’t tell them what to eat. I never have them list their foods – the choice is theirs alone. I never weigh them. I never tell them to exercise. I take out the interference, so the natural state can surface without judgment. It’s about listening to the wisdom of their bodies through hunger, choice, and the gut-brain connection and bringing our eating which became out of order, back into order.”

“Working in-person and remotely, I provide tools and guidelines to guide them to put eating back in order,” explains Shirley. “I created an online three-month course that has over sixty videos. It has handouts, diagrams, checkpoints, and a recording card. The recording card is used for all eating occasions and is a detailed system to create an unbelievable awareness of their start and stop regarding eating. I use all these tools along with individual coaching.”

“We are not meant to have storage,” adds Shirley “Storage is my term for fat. Storage is extra food that was used out of order. We are meant to live in a body we love living in without any angst associated with what we ate or didn’t eat, and we are not meant to have any frustration with our body size. I start with simple tools to start the process. My first tool to start all of you on this path is to always sit before you eat. You need a concrete awareness that you are starting to eat. Are you truly aware how many times you might stop by a counter and pick up something to eat? How much food you are actually eating when preparing food? How many times you are eating when moving down the street? Awareness is the first step. Many of my clients will say, ‘But I don’t have time to just sit and eat!’ I would then ask them, “If they removed all the time, they spent being anxious about what they are eating or their body size, would they have more time?”

Shirley also has four certified coaches that she has trained who utilize her methods. Two are based in England. One is based in Australia. The final coach is based in South Africa. “I worked with these four coaches who have gone through the process and also made sure that they not only live it, but can also teach it,” mentions Shirley.

While Innergetics was officially established in 1994, the inspiration for this program started back in 1971, when she received her graduate and undergraduate degrees for physical education and health education. She taught for six years in a junior high setting. During that time, she observed that people shouldn’t have this angst with eating and weight. Beginning in 1976, Shirley then decided to do her own research – speaking with other researchers across the United States and Canada. Those who knew hunger was the answer still had no process to teach the person to access that hunger. A teacher at heart, Shirley sought to learn and then educate others about hunger. In 1991. Shirley published a book titled Inner Eating: How to free yourself from the tyranny of food. In this book, she created tools to help guide the individual to their hunger signal which is within the gut brain. Dr. Michael Gershon, in the late 90’s, named the gut brain, the Enteric Brain.

“The book explains how we can return to our original eating boundaries,” explains Shirley. “Dr. Michael Jensen, of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester wrote the foreword to my book, selling over 50,000 copies.”

“Eating is simple, life is complex,” concludes Shirley. “Once eating is in order, life surfaces. Now your energy can be used to handle living your life while eating is giving you pleasure and energy. The Innergetics process guides individuals to recapture the forgotten joy of eating while living in a body they love living in.”

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