The Story of a Woodsman” is now available on Tubi.

For those to whom Rutledge’s work as a horseman, a woodsman and a philosopher are new, this documentary is a must see.”

— Ronnie Hartman, Draft Horse Journal

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2023/ — “Somehow Hopeful: The Story of a Woodsman,” an award-winning documentary produced by Kooks Entertainment and Sonic Gods Media, is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime. Directed and written by Jerry McNutt, the film takes audiences on a captivating journey into the life of an Appalachian logger who courageously embraces ancient wisdom to protect Earth’s natural resources.

Through an enchanting twist of fate, the introduction of a rare horse breed into Jason’s life sparks a profound understanding of the natural world and reveals a sustainable approach to meeting human needs while safeguarding our most precious environmental assets. Jason’s thoughtful, compassionate, and insightful techniques are now gaining recognition worldwide as people increasingly prioritize the protection of our planet’s environmental heritage.

“Somehow Hopeful” delves into the timeless bond between humans and horses, presenting loggers as stewards of the land and celebrating the critical relationship between humanity and nature. Rather than pursuing profit-driven exploitation, the film highlights the endeavor to restore and safeguard forested lands, promoting a culture of environmental consciousness.

The documentary has garnered significant acclaim on the festival circuit, earning accolades such as the Best Documentary From America and Best Environmental/Nature Feature, as well as multiple Awards of Excellence.

“Somehow Hopeful beautifully captures the essence of resilience, compassion, and the profound connection between humanity and the natural world. Through the remarkable story of Jason Rutledge and the brilliant filmmaking of Jerry McNutt, this film offers a captivating exploration of our relationship with nature. We are delighted to share this film with the world.” – Adam Horner, Executive Producer

Featuring an original score by Justin Asher, “Somehow Hopeful” was primarily shot on location in the picturesque Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. The film captures the spirit of hardworking and intelligent individuals who strive to live in harmony with nature while actively seeking to restore our forested lands, setting an example for sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Jason Rutledge, the central character of “Somehow Hopeful,” firmly believes that while his methods draw inspiration from the past, these timeless techniques and power sources hold the key to a thriving future for our planet.

Jason, “We have to keep these truly renewable, truly sustainable practices as an instrument that remains in the toolbox of human survival into the future.”

About the filmmaker:

Jerry is a producer, director and writer who has directed for networks such as Nat Geo, Discovery, History, A&E and more. While his work covers many types of programming, documentaries about incredible people committed to positive change are his main interest. Working with JasonRutledge and the other remarkable characters seen in Somehow Hopeful has been a profound experience and Jerry is proud to share that journey with the world.

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For Press inquiries, interviews or screening requests, please contact:

Jerry McNutt, Executive Producer, Director and Writer

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Insightful quotes from significant voices:

“For those to whom Rutledge’s work as a horseman, a woodsman and a philosopher are new, this documentary is a must see.” – Ronnie Hartman, Draft Horse Journal

“The important and insightful ‘Somehow Hopeful’ would at first glance appear to be a documentary film about the remarkable forester and horse-logger Jason Rutledge, but a careful viewing, by those in the know as well as the uninitiated, reveals that it is quite a bit more; it is a deep dive into a slice of the woodswork and educational culture of modern day Appalachia.” – Lynn Miller, Small Farmer’s Journal

“Somehow Hopeful meticulously captures Jason’s eloquence when talking about the woods, horses and people he’s known. But it does much more. Through his artful videography, McNutt puts us in the woods. We fly along a stream coursing through the woods as a heron might, seeing with our own eyes the important harmony of the woods. Circling high above, we watch as a tree is felled with precision to land carefully, with little damage to itself or the trees around it.” – Joe Mischka

Jerry McNutt, Executive Producer, Director and Writer
Somehow Hopeful: The Story of a Woodsman
+1 (818) 618-2191
[email protected]

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