How Newswire’s Direct Media Outreach Helps CMOs Improve Return on Media and Marketing Spend
Newswire shares how it helps Chief Marketing Officers leverage direct media outreach to get their content across the finish line.



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Imagine watching a race, and when it's time for the runners to pass the baton they stop. 

Although they've done their part and they've done it well, they're missing a crucial step to finish the race - the hand-off. 

Think of direct media outreach as passing the baton between a brand to the media. This hand-off is what many Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are missing in their approach, and Newswire offers the technology and expertise necessary to generate real results with media.

Newswire realized this was a problem many CMOs shared and, through its Media Advantage Platform (MAP), it combines Newswire's media technology with press release distribution services that include direct media outreach.

"Valuable and relevant content that's paired with strategic and customized outreach is a combination many companies are missing," said Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. "Now more than ever, small businesses need to maximize their media and marketing spend to ensure it produces the value that CEOs are looking for: greater brand awareness, increased online visibility, more media coverage and marketing inquiries."

As part of the MAP, Newswire's team of experts acts as an extension of their clients' teams to identify media opportunities, create compelling stories, launch campaigns and more.

When it comes time to pass their clients' strategically developed content off to the media, Newswire's team creates and delivers customized pitches to targeted and curated media outlets and preferred press release networks to maximize coverage. 

Through their carefully crafted blend of content creation and targeted outreach, Newswire clients have landed earned media opportunities in major media outlets such as Bloomberg, CheddarTVCNBCForbesNew York TimesWall Street Journal and many more. 

"As a CMO, I understand the struggles my peers face when trying to move the needle and build brand awareness," added Terenzio. "I can confidently say, at Newswire, we practice what we preach and the direct media outreach we execute on behalf of our clients has turned into earned media opportunities that have built brand awareness, generated leads, and increased sales."

One of Newswire's CMO clients shared a G2 review saying, "The Newswire team combines excellent reach distribution for press releases with dedicated account services. This helps businesses of all sizes not only tell the right stories -- but distribute those stories for reach, scale, and maximum visibility."

If you're a CMO and are ready to pass the baton to Newswire to support your press release distribution and media outreach efforts, visit for more information. 

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