Author Shares Roadmap to “Living in Love” by accomplishing 31-day love challenge

Colinda Latour Shares Guide Book to Self-Love, Happy Living

UNITED KINGDOM, July 6, 2023/ — For those encountering difficulty in finding love and prosperity in their lives, author Colinda Latour offers a guide book that shows how they can attain those things by making simple changes in their lifestyles. “Living in Love: How to Create a Lifestyle of Love, Faith, Bliss, and Crazy-Ass Manifesting (All in Thirty-One Days)” is a concise roadmap to finding the love we all seek, but from within. It is a love story created by putting love into action and watching a world of wonder unfold as love side effects such as rapid manifestation of money and unwavering faith in life transpired.

Latour provides the necessary tools and guidance in the pages of her book, primarily the 31-day love challenge that she designed for herself, which she now shares to her readers. She provides stories that lead up to the challenge process and gives her readers guidance for how to complete it. This process is aimed at cultivating self-actualization and is based on her own life experiences and struggles. Through hardship, trial and error Latour was able to create a lifestyle that finally allowed her to overcome adversity and bring the love she needed in her daily routine, which became embedded in her state of being after she completed her 31-day love challenge. This endeavor is detailed in the book, allowing readers to follow in her footsteps and achieve a similar state of self-development.

This turned out to have other side effects as the positive results of finding love cascaded and brought other blessings into her life, allowing her to rapidly manifest good things. She achieved this by putting love at the forefront of everything she did, achieving sustained periods of bliss and unwavering faith in herself, leading to a higher state of consciousness, profound feelings of connection and wholeness, which enabled her to live a better life and find success.

Latour shows readers how they can put love into action, directing it to themselves and others around them. Through these Love Actions and messages of love, such as sending affirmations of affection, hugging one’s self and other acts, one’s positivity will be enhanced. This will lead to concrete changes in one’s life that can improve the world.

“I honestly believe that love is the answer and if we simply do more loving things consciously, authentically, and deliberately, throughout our days, to ourselves and others, we can change the world.” Latour says. “‘Living in Love’ provides the tools and methods to do this. Generating more love in your life through simple acts of love, will not only benefit you, but those around you. And it will continue to spread beautifully.”

About the Author

Colinda Latour grew up the youngest of six children to a single mother in northern Canada. Her early life was full of challenges that affected her self-worth and when she grew up she would seek love in the wrong places. These romantic mishaps led her to change and devise her system of self-love, leading to an ongoing journey of self-improvement and realization that has changed her life. Latour has been interviewed by Kate Delaney as well as interviews on podcasts and other platforms. She is dedicated to spreading positivity and love around the world.

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