DEIJIDESIGN’s launching Autumn Elegance and Finest Creations of the season

“DEIJIDESIGN Cheetah Denim Jacket”. Model LaRae Day. Photo Credit: Lucia Virlan

“Onyx boots” Photo Credit: Bonnie Walsh

“Cheetah Boots” Photo Credit: Bonnie Walsh

“Cheetah Sneakers” Photo Credit: Bonnie Walsh

Discover Custom Denim Jackets, Jeweled Signature Bags, Boots, Sneakers and More in DEIJIDESIGN’s Fall/Winter Collection by Mark Schwartz

DEIJIDESIGN goods are made in Italy with the finest Italian leathers and materials by premiere Italian artisans”

— Creative Director -Mark Schwartz.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 24, 2023/ — As Autumn is right around the corner and wardrobes need sprucing, DEIJIDESIGN’s newest collection reimagines the elegance of fall and winter fashion. Available on and Facebook and Instagram Shops, the brand’s fall/winter collection, includes gorgeous custom denim jackets and Jeweled Signature Bags. Exuding a keen eye for design aesthetics, DEIJIDESIGN’s latest collection makes anyone an unforgettable fashion sensation.

This vision emanates from DEIJIDESIGN’s Creative Director, Mark Schwartz. With a career encompassing multiple decades, Schwartz is the protege of cultural art icon Andy Warhol, who is known for his iconic Campbell Soup pop art as well as fashion icon Roger Vivier, who is known as the “Father of the Stiletto Heel.”

Additionally, Schwartz is a world-renowned designer, who has collaborated with fashion houses Balenciaga, Charles Jourdan Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs plus many more. He has also designed footwear for celebrities such as Lady Gaga, JLo, Oprah Winfrey, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Katy Perry, and many more.

DEIJIDESIGN’s latest collection represents Schwartz’s finest work as a fashion designer where embellished ornaments, ornate thread work and beadwork incorporating blue and gold metallics are showcased in DEIJIDESIGN’s Denim Jacket Collection.

Schwartz explains. “The denim jackets demonstrate just how far creativity and fashion can go with quality in mind,” he concludes.

Adding to DEIJIDESIGN’s Jeweled Collection this fall are beautiful pebbled leather signature bags in shades of blue, orange, pale pink and black with a bejeweled DEIJIDESIGN emblem clasp. Simple yet extraordinarily elegant, these bags add a necessary splash of color to any outfit.

Fall also sees the debut of a new DEIJIDESIGN accessory – DEIJIDESIGN emblem keychains.

Available in black or multicolored, these beautiful embellishments perfectly match DEIJIDESIGN’s Jeweled Signature Bags and accentuates any wallet or clutch, as well as a belt loop with their eye-catching craftsmanship.

Further additions to DEIJIDESIGN’s fall collection include soft and silky gray haircalf platform sneakers, gorgeous black patent leather boots known as the Onyx, haircalf cheetah sneakers and haircalf cheetah boots. Delineating quality craftsmanship, the brand’s new footwear looks and feels luxuriously plush. Elevate your style and elevate your chic this autumn with DEIJIDESIGN.

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