Else If Games Announces Upcoming Release: Refracted Space

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Else If Games unveils Refracted Space, a solo-developed, sci-fi adventure game, revealing a universe where choices shape multi-dimensional gameplay.

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, October 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Else If Games Announces the Release of Its First Game, Refracted Space

Else If Games, a new independent game development studio founded by developer Robert Stout, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of its first game, Refracted Space, launching in two months.

The Vision Behind the Game

At 24, Robert Stout, the developer behind Else If Games, brings his vision of unique and imaginative worlds to life with his debut game, Refracted Space. Combining creativity and technical skills, Robert has developed a game where light is not just visual but pivotal to navigation and strategy.

Refracted Space introduces players to a universe where mechanics based on reflection and refraction principles are integral to exploring a complex universe. Light beams help players uncover unknown territories, solve puzzles, and navigate through various cosmic challenges.

Discovering the Universe with Refracted Space

Refracted Space offers players a universe where light goes beyond its typical illuminative function, becoming an essential gameplay mechanism. Players manipulate light beams using various in-game elements like prisms and mirrors to explore, solve puzzles, and uncover secrets within the vast expanse of space.

The game pairs a distinct aesthetic with an enchanting and mysterious vibe, providing not just a mental challenge but also a rich visual and auditory experience.

Connecting Gamers to the Cosmos

Else If Games, though a startup, has ambitious dreams. Robert’s dedication is evident in the intricate designs, considered gameplay mechanics, and a universe that appears endlessly explorable.

The development of Refracted Space has involved extensive coding, testing, and refining by Robert in Brisbane, Australia, ensuring a high-quality gaming experience for players worldwide. With the upcoming release, this dream is on the brink of realization.

Explore the Universe of Refracted Space

As the release approaches, Else If Games invites gamers, media, and all interested to visit the official website. Explore exclusive gameplay trailers and behind-the-scenes looks into the development of Refracted Space and dive deeper into a universe defined by the mesmerizing beauty of light and its cosmic interplay.

Get a glimpse of the aesthetic and soundscapes, and explore the mechanisms that make Refracted Space a uniquely challenging navigational and strategic game.

Launching Soon

In two months, Refracted Space will become available, offering players worldwide a chance to experience Robert Stout’s vision of a universe where light serves as both guide and portal.

Stay tuned with Else If Games for more details on the official launch date, available platforms, and further insights into gameplay mechanics.

About Else If Games

Else If Games, founded by Robert Stout, is an independent game development studio based in Brisbane. The studio aims to deliver gaming experiences that are visually striking and offer innovative gameplay for all types of gamers.

Press Contact:

Robert Stout

Founder, Else If Games Pty Ltd

E: [email protected]

W: www.elseifgames.com.au


Robert Stout
Else If Games Pty Ltd
[email protected]

Road to Development: Refracted Space

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