Foma Media Launches Game-Changing Creative Service for eCommerce Owners

UNITED STATES, July 5, 2023/ — Foma Media, a cutting-edge marketing agency, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative creative service specifically tailored for eCommerce owners. The company’s unique approach, called PCAS (Profitable Creatives at Scale), is designed to drive exceptional results, equipping online businesses with the ability to scale their budgets without compromising their returns – a task that has long plagued the traditional creatives models. This revolutionary service is set to transform the eCommerce industry, helping businesses effectively strategize, produce stellar content, and maximize their growth potential.

Foma Media’s creative service represents a groundbreaking solution in the competitive world of eCommerce, tackling one of the most common challenges online business owners face: generating high-quality content that not only informs and engages but also performs and produces concrete results. Through their innovative PCAS method, Foma Media offers eCommerce owners a comprehensive suite of services that includes Content production to drive results at scale, defining an effective content strategy, and identifying the highest impacting talent for brand messaging.

To help showcase the immediate benefits, Foma Media has introduced a low-ticket offer priced at just $97, which includes Done-for-You UGC (User Generated Content) Scripts and ad setups. This incredible offer aims to bring more traffic to eCommerce websites and convert visitors, demonstrating the true power of Foma Media’s creative services.

Included in this package there is:

World Class Creative Audit – Value $997

1 on 1 Creative Strategy Call – Value $500

10 High Converting UGC Scripts – Value $2,500

Facebook Ads & Campaigns Setup – Value $4,500

1 on 1 Paid Ads Strategy Call – Value $1,497

World Class Ad Design – Value $500

A Level Ad Copy – Value $500

Access to our Network of 500+ UGC Creators – $10,000+

8 Weeks Of Live Coaching & Mentoring – Value $5,000

According to a Foma Media spokesperson, “Being a $2M eCommerce owner ourselves initially, we learned that one of the driving factors of our growth was content. We now specialize in assisting well-known industry professionals in driving sales with our profitable creatives at scale.”

Fueled by a passion for success and a proven track record of industry expertise, Foma Media is poised to revolutionize the way eCommerce owners approach content creation. Eager to bring their valuable insights and methodology to a wider audience, their creative services offer scalability, effectiveness, and ultimately, a higher return on investment for businesses.

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