Google’s March 2024 Core Update Impact: A Mixed Bag

SEO Experts Debate Google’s March 2024 Update Impact: Mixed Opinions on Content Quality and Search Rankings. Insights from Crocus Investments.

ASHBURN, DC, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2024 / — In March 2024, Google rolled out significant updates to its algorithms and policies to combat spam and low-quality content in its search engine.

SEO experts’ opinions

Opinions and insights from SEO experts on Google’s March 2024 update are mixed. While the update was intended to target low-quality and unoriginal content, including AI-generated content, some argue that it did not yield the desired results.

There is debate among SEOs about Google’s stance on scaled content abuse, with some viewing it as a critique of AI-generated content. The update’s broad scope has also sparked discussions about the future of programmatic SEO and niche sites. Some SEOs are skeptical about Google’s ability to achieve its goal of reducing unhelpful content.


SEO experts of Crocus Investments have observed that some sites with high-quality content were filtered out, while sites with virtually no text or poorly written texts by amateurs with grammatical errors appeared in the TOP Google search results, plus answers from REDDIT, videos from YOUTUBE, and other such “chaff”, while professional sites have been pushed down in the search results.


We hope that Google will take note of the shortcomings of this update and rectify the situation soon.

SEO expert of Crocus Investments: Alexander Delrey

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