Innovative Live Streaming Platform, Locateye, Under Development

Concept of Locateye

Select & Watch Live Content Directly from the Map

Select & Watch Live Content Directly from the Map

Interface Prototype of the Platform

Interface Prototype of the Platform

An Upcoming New Era in Social Connection and Live Entertainment

PORT ELGIN, ON, CANADA, December 7, 2023 / — The concept of Locateye, a location-based live-streaming social-media platform, is capturing attention with its innovative approach to global connectivity. The platform offers a unique way for content creators to engage with audiences worldwide. Locateye will allow streamers to broadcast their adventures in real-time, seamlessly integrating their live location on Google Maps. Viewers will then be able to explore the world through their screens, choosing locations and categories that match their interests. The platform fosters a unique and interactive global community where every viewer becomes a virtual traveler.

In contrast to traditional live streaming, Locateye stands out for its interactive map interface. Locateye streamers share live video with real-time location on an interactive map. Viewers pick destinations, select streamer pins, and dive into unique and live perspectives instantly. This novel concept eliminates geographical barriers, offering a new dimension to live streaming. Locateye caters to a diverse audience, with a special emphasis on influencers, travel enthusiasts, live artists, and outdoor adventurers. Streamers can unlock new opportunities as they monetize their content, making Locateye the go-to platform for those seeking to share and explore the beauty of the world.

The aim of this platform is to connect and unite the world through the power of technology. Visualized by a Structural Engineer, the platform’s crowdfunding campaign is in pre-launch phase on Indiegogo. “We’re redefining the live streaming experience,” says M. Burhan Mazher, the Founder of Locateye. “Our platform will facilitate a seamless connection between streamers and viewers, transcending borders and making live streaming a truly global experience.”

UzBur Tech Solutions will soon launch the crowdfunding campaign, on Indiegogo, to develop and enhance Locateye. To remain abreast of their advancements and contribute to this pioneering endeavor, they cordially invite individuals to register on the pre-launch campaign page. Media professionals and journalists seeking innovative stories are invited to explore the potential of Locateye in redefining live streaming globally.

UzBur Tech Solutions (a subsidiary of UzBur Consulting Inc.) is a tech company dedicated to creating innovative solutions that connect and inspire people globally. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, UzBur Tech Solutions aims to revolutionize the way individuals engage with the world. Muhammad Burhan Mazher, Director/Owner of UzBur Consulting Inc. and its subsidiary UzBur Tech Solutions, is a passionate Pakistani-Canadian Structural Engineer with a deep love for innovation and exploration. His professional journey is all about building solid foundations and bringing ambitious designs to life, and his creative spirit thrives on venturing into new frontiers.

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Introduction to Locateye (The Concept)

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