Introducing BDQ (Breast Density Quotient) A Shift In The Way We Think About Traditional Breast Cancer Screening

Boost your BDQ and champion early detection for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My Density Matters focuses on Understanding Breast Density, Navigating Breast Cancer Screening Options, Empowering Women's Breast Health, and Advocacy for Breast Density Awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Education is key to early detection of breast cancer, tune in this month for everything you need to know.

My Density Matters shows mammogram images of cancer in different levels of breast density. Cancer is easily seen in fatty breast density and scattered breast density, it becomes very hard to see in heterogenously dense and extremely dense breast tissue.

How cancer appears on a mammogram in dense breast tissue.

My Density Matters Creates an Education to Action Plan for Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer.

I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer two months after an “all clear” mammogram and ultrasound, it was hidden in dense breast tissue.”

— Leslie Ferris Yerger

HAWTHORN WOODS, IL, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2023 / — Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ is rapidly approaching. It is imperative that we change the narrative from pink tutus and awareness, to education, empowerment, and action. With over 70% of breast cancers in dense breast tissue, it is time we boost our overall breast density intelligence (BDQ).

“I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer two months after an “all clear” mammogram and ultrasound, it was hidden in dense breast tissue,” said Leslie Ferris Yerger, Founder of My Density Matters, “Most women think an ‘all-clear’ mammogram means they don’t have breast cancer, which might not be true, especially if you have dense breasts. What it does mean is that no cancer was found, not necessarily that no cancer was present. Knowing your density opens up a better conversation with your doctor about your breast screening options.”

There is no cure for stage IV breast cancer, but Leslie feels fortunate to remain in full remission. It has inspired her to offer programs through My Density Matters in order to inform women about the implications of breast density.

My Density Matters mission is to empower women to find out their breast density, learn their screening options, and insist on essential additional screening. They aim to bring the importance of breast density to the public eye through their comprehensive action campaign for the month of October.

Week 1 – Understanding Breast Density: The month begins with a comprehensive introduction to breast density highlighting the risks and implications on women’s health.

Week 2 – Navigating Screening Options: Will offer insights into different screening methods and their relevance with regard to varying breast densities. The aim is to help make more informed and confident choices.

Week 3 – Empowering Women’s Breast Health: The focus is to equip women with the knowledge they need in order to make proactive decisions; and to inspire meaningful conversations with healthcare providers, family, and friends.

Week 4 – Advocacy for Breast Density Awareness: The final week will be about helping women advocate for critical insurance coverage with healthcare providers and lawmakers. The lack of insurance coverage for essential additional screening prohibits many women at higher risk from getting the tests needed to find their cancer early, while still curable.

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You can also help create “A world where breast density no longer hinders the early detection of breast cancer” by walking with us wherever you are.

About My Density Matters

My Density Matters is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission to empower women to find out their breast density, learn their options, and take control of their breast cancer screening. Their work is supported by grants and donations from Foglia Family Foundation, CMR Naviscan, Delphinus Medical Technologies, Seno Medical, and the community. Visit for more information.

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Boost Your Breast Density Intelligence (BDQ)

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