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Strong Investor Backing and Growing Customer Base Providing Competitive Edge

KRATEO.AI is poised to radically change marketing by building powerful, effective, and ethical insights that enable businesses to build authentic and personalized connections with their customers.”

— Clay Sharman

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2023 / — KRATEO.AI, a pioneering technology company with a game-changing suite of AI-driven capabilities designed to empower marketing and sales professionals announced its official launch today. KRATEO.AI offers its customers personalized information and analytics far beyond what typical data analytics services provide. KRATEO.AI is poised to take the marketing industry by storm, redefining the way businesses engage with and understand their customers. With its official launch today, the company is engaging with new investors, customers, and partners.

Traditional marketing platforms inundate users with complex charts, data, and/or metrics that provide little help in terms of personal or actionable insights. KRATEO.AI is transforming traditional marketing metrics by employing its propriety AI technology to identify anonymous site visitors and turn them into brand-aware, first-party data prospects. Over time the platform understands and learns a buyer’s intent and studies patterns and changes in behavior and engagement to deliver highly personalized insights to marketing teams. This gives marketing and sales leaders clarity around who is interested in their brand and enables greater insights when developing customized campaigns, thus delivering stronger ROI.

“The marketing industry spends millions a year to understand customer behavior, yet most brands are awash in barely usable anonymous data metrics and charts. KRATEO.AI is poised to radically change marketing by building powerful, effective, and ethical insights that enable businesses to build authentic and personalized connections with their customers. This is marketing at a whole new level,” explained Clay Sharman, founder, and Chief Creative Dude at KRATEO.AI. “This is the future of marketing. By leveraging our AI platform, brands will develop personalized campaigns that authentically connect with their customers creating a better experience and more valuable brand relationships.”

As KRATEO.AI launches into the technology and AI as a service marketplace (AI-AAS), the company enjoys a significant advantage over potential competitors, thanks to the support of existing customers and seasoned investors with a wealth of experience. These investors and customers bring valuable insights, expertise, and knowledge to the table, propelling KRATEO.AI far ahead of any possible competition. KRATEO.AI’s investment team enjoys an impressive track record of structuring, negotiating, and closing more than $500+ million in equity capital investments across various companies.

“Our seasoned and growing team of investors, along with other strategic backers are providing KRATEO.AI with invaluable support and resources. Their collective expertise not only accelerates the company’s market entry but also positions KRATEO.AI to deliver immediate value and results to its customers,” Sharman continued. “We are fortunate to have such experienced investors as our partners and a strong growing customer base. Their combined knowledge and strategic insights provide us with a substantial competitive edge in a fast-evolving market. We look forward to harnessing that expertise as we continue to drive innovation and empower brands.”

Kenetik, one of KRATEO.AI’s initial customers shared how the company’s cutting-edge AI technology enabled them to effortlessly access and interpret visitor data, making their data-driven decisions a breeze. KRATEO.AI identified anonymous customers and also provided their names and other detailed information about them, turning them into real, relatable prospects.

“Using KRATEO.AI, we’re gaining valuable insights into who our customers are and uncovering previously unknown prospects,” stated Katherine Spaller, Kenetik Marketing Director. “These insights will help us optimize our messaging across the customer journey, which we expect will lower customer acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value. It’s been incredible collaborating with the KRATEO.AI team!”

“At KRATEO.AI we are on a journey to apply true AI power to building authentic and personalized relationships for brands. We look forward to working with marketing and sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes and connecting with website visitors on a more personal level,” Sharman said.


KRATEO.AI is a data technology and AI as a service company specializing in providing cutting-edge tools to assist marketing and sales professionals in identifying website visitors, uncovering their demographic information, and optimizing their campaigns. With a commitment to ethics, data privacy, and security, KRATEO.AI is dedicated to helping businesses supercharge their online engagement and grow their customer base in a way never before possible.


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