ROASBeast Agency: Skyrockets Ad Spend from k to k Daily, Slashes CAC Costs by 50%

Founder & CEO @ roasbeast

Founder & CEO @ roasbeast

ROASBeast Agency: Skyrockets Ad Spend from $2k to $20k Daily, Slashes CAC Costs by 50%

PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2023/ — ROASBeast, a renowned digital marketing agency with a robust reputation for managing advertising for 8-9 figure brands, has released an impressive case study highlighting their unparalleled success in the world of online advertising.

When ROASBeast took over this particular client’s account on May 1, 2021, they immediately noticed room for optimization. Notably, the client was hemorrhaging $5,000 per job placement in an attempt to lure prospective candidates. A careful analysis of ROASBeast’s backend data led to the elimination of this ineffective incentive, saving the client $5,000 for every successful job placement.

ROASBeast’s strategic approach to advertising is far from conventional. They restructured their client’s campaigns to focus on steps that significantly contribute to reducing Customer Acquisition Costs. The agency prides itself on its expertise in Horizontal Scaling, diversifying across platforms like YouTube and TikTok, thereby cutting risks associated with over-dependence on a single network.

● Expertly managed monthly ad spends of $3.1M on Facebook, $2.1M on Google, and $360k on TikTok.

● Whittled down Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by over 50% within six months.

● Reduced Cost Per Lead (CPL) from $18 to $9

● Boosted customer conversion rates to a staggering 60% using a meticulous 4-step funnel approach.

● Saved clients a monumental $5k per customer, amplifying profitability and efficacy.

“The change didn’t happen instantly, but it also didn’t take too long. We meticulously restructured campaigns, optimized various phases of customer acquisition, and tested new creatives,” states the agency head of ROASBeast.

“It’s not just about scaling; it’s about scaling smartly and sustainably. This case study is evidence of our deep understanding of the advertising ecosystem. We don’t just manage over $3 million in ad spend every month for the sake of it. Every dollar is data, and every data point is a step closer to our client’s success,” said M Numan Hamza, Founder of ROASBeast.

What they found out was interesting: the best ads were actually the most expensive in getting new customers. To fix this, ROASBeast focused on attracting people who were more likely to finish the program. This raised the completion rate to a strong 60%.

One of ROASBeast’s core strengths is its commitment to diversifying advertising platforms. By implementing Horizontal Scaling, the agency successfully leveraged YouTube and TikTok alongside Facebook and Google, ensuring the client did not become too reliant on a single platform.

This diversification translated to a 30% lower acquisition cost on YouTube and a staggering 50% on TikTok compared to Facebook.

“When we do online advertising, we follow three simple rules: use different methods (diversification), make them the best they can be (Optimize), and scale. It’s more than just creating ads; it’s about really understanding how they work.,” remarks the agency spokesperson.

In summary, the agency’s recent endeavors center around a prominent education company in the USA that places individuals in high-caliber tech positions within top-tier software companies.

ROASBeast reversed a loss of $5,000 per job placement that the client was previously incurring with its innovative strategies.

About ROASBeast

ROASBeast is an innovative digital marketing agency with five years of experience managing advertising for major 8-9-figure brands in the information and e-commerce industries.

Annually, they collaborate with 25-30 esteemed clients and deftly manage over $3 million in ad spending every month. With partnerships across Facebook, Google, and TikTok, ROASBeast leads the way in digital marketing.

To learn more about ROASBeast and its groundbreaking methods, visit its comprehensive case studies, testimonials, and an array of services at Dive deep into its innovative strategies and get started on your journey of exponential growth.

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How We Scaled Our Client’s Daily Ad Spend From $2k to $20k a Day and Spent Over $6m In 18 Months

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