The CryptiQ Ecosystem Successfully Migrates to Ethereum Blockchain and Establishes Collaboration with X-Alpha

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Cryptiq Ecosystem, a leader in WEB3 technology, announces the seamless migration to the Ethereum blockchain and a strategic partnership with X Alpha.

“We are pleased to announce the successful migration of Cryptiq to the Ethereum blockchain, emphasizing our dedication to advancing decentralized technology.”

— David F

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 12, 2024 / — Cryptiq Ecosystem, a prominent player in the WEB3 landscape, is pleased to report the successful migration of its ecosystem to the Ethereum blockchain. This strategic move underscores Cryptiq’s commitment to technological advancement and decentralization. Simultaneously, Cryptiq is unveiling a collaboration with X Alpha, an industry leader renowned for its real-time Twitter data solutions through Telegram automation and a sophisticated Google extension.

Cryptiq Web Browser‘s Ethereum Integration:
The integration of Cryptiq Web Browser with the Ethereum blockchain aims to optimize the platform’s scalability, security, and overall performance. As a tool engineered for the complexities of WEB3, the browser emphasizes user privacy and supports various decentralized applications. This migration reflects Cryptiq’s dedication to aligning its functionality with the principles of decentralization.

Strategic Partnership with X Alpha:
Cryptiq Ecosystem is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with X Alpha, a recognized provider of real-time Analytics data solutions. X Alpha’s offerings, including Telegram automation and an advanced Google extension, bring a valuable dimension to Cryptiq’s ecosystem.

Telegram Automation:
Through this collaboration, Cryptiq users can seamlessly access real-time Twitter data via Telegram automation. This integration empowers users with instantaneous access to trends, sentiment analysis, and relevant data, enhancing their overall browsing experience within the Cryptiq Ecosystem.

Innovative Google Extension:
Cryptiq will integrate X Alpha’s advanced Google extension into its extension store on the Cryptiq Web Browser. This extension will provide users with a user-friendly interface for monitoring trends, conversations, and sentiment analysis directly within their browser. The integration aims to create a cohesive and enriched browsing environment in line with Cryptiq’s mission to redefine possibilities within WEB3.

The Path Forward:
The successful migration to Ethereum and the strategic partnership with X Alpha signal a strategic evolution for Cryptiq Ecosystem. As the decentralized technology landscape continues to evolve, Cryptiq remains steadfast in its commitment to security, transparency, and user-centric innovation. The partnership with X Alpha exemplifies Cryptiq’s dedication to providing users with real-time, valuable insights, further enhancing their experience within the Cryptiq Web Browser.


David, CEO & Founder of Cryptiq Ecosystem:
“We are pleased to announce the successful migration of Cryptiq to the Ethereum blockchain, emphasizing our dedication to advancing decentralized technology. Our partnership with X Alpha represents a significant step forward in providing users with real-time data and insights, aligning with our mission to redefine the possibilities within the WEB3 landscape.”

About Cryptiq Ecosystem:
Cryptiq Ecosystem is a leading protocol in the WEB3 space, dedicated to transforming the digital landscape. With a suite of applications and a commitment to decentralization, CryptiQ operates within a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), empowering the community to actively shape the destiny of the ecosystem.

The X-Alpha Mission:’s mission is to build tools and services which empower every trader with advanced AI analytics and insights, simplifying crypto trading and enhancing decision-making to enable best and equal chances for success and safety.

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