Twitter Loses 30% of Organic Search Coverage in 48 Hours

Twitter Share of Organic Coverage Across Key Markets

Evolving Digital Research on In Australian Market — Data from Ahrefs

Evolving Digital Research on In Australian Market — Data from Ahrefs

Twitter’s latest update has resulted in a drop in over 30% global organic search traffic.

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, July 5, 2023/ — Twitter, the renowned social media platform, has encountered significant global traffic loss due to recent policy changes. These changes limit the views per tweet in a bid to curb data scraping and ensure optimal user experience. Regrettably, these updates have resulted in unanticipated setbacks, with Twitter experiencing a substantial 30% decrease in global organic traffic over the past 24-48 hours.

According to data provided by Sistrix, Twitter has seen its visibility plummet by 25% in critical markets such as the United Kingdom (28% drop), France (17% drop), Italy (26% drop), Germany (25% drop), and Spain (14% drop). 

Separate research by Evolving Digital, utilising top SEO tools like Ahrefs & SEMRush, shows that Twitter’s projected traffic in Australia dropped by 34.6% over the past eight days, representing a loss of 3.3 million compared to the preceding week.

This significant decline in Twitter’s search visibility is primarily attributed to the platform’s efforts to combat data scraping under the leadership of new CEO, Elon Musk. Musk introduced temporary daily limits on the number of tweet views, with verified accounts restricted to 10,000, unverified accounts 1,000, and new unverified accounts 500 posts per day. This change has substantially impacted Twitter’s rankings for numerous keywords.

Twitter’s diminishing search visibility has triggered a reshuffling of Google’s search rankings, allowing competitor domains such as,,,,, and to benefit. These domains have gained a significant advantage, attracting users who might have previously turned to Twitter.

Twitter, a platform thriving on real-time discussions and news, relies heavily on its Google visibility to attract new users and retain casual visitors. The decline in search visibility obstructs the discovery of new content, prompting users to seek alternative platforms and posing a significant challenge to Twitter’s relevance, growth, and user engagement metrics.

Despite Musk’s businesses traditionally not relying heavily on search traffic, Twitter stands apart with search forming a critical part of its user acquisition strategy. This major setback sparks questions about Twitter’s ability to recover its lost search visibility and the potential impact on its business over time.

Twitter’s recovery will hinge on how effectively it addresses these issues. Google’s algorithms consider a site’s history; thus, a prolonged decrease in visibility could pose obstacles in regaining lost rankings. Nonetheless, the dynamic nature of the internet ecosystem leaves room for recovery. If Twitter can promptly address these issues, it stands a chance of regaining its lost visibility and rankings.

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