Author Richard M Berthold Presents ” Dare To Struggle: The History and Society of Greece “

Revealing the Essence of Ancient Greece in an Accessible Odyssey

UNITED STATES, December 18, 2023 / — Historian and author, Richard M Berthold, releases his latest work, ” Dare To Struggle: The History and Society of Greece.” This engaging and accessible exploration of Greek society offers readers a captivating journey through the ideas, institutions, and historical developments that have profoundly shaped Western civilization.

About the Book: “Dare To Struggle” breaks free from the scholarly norm with its readable exploration of Greek society. Berthold provides an insightful journey into the essence of ancient Greece, sparing readers from extensive notes and tedious prose. The book aims to provide a clearer understanding of the Greeks, surpassing the insights of general historians and classicists alike. Through this approachable narrative, Berthold illuminates the importance of Greek ideas and institutions to subsequent history.

Short Author Bio: Richard M Berthold, born in 1946, is a distinguished historian with a BA from Stanford (1967) and MA, PhD from Cornell (1971). With 31 years on the faculty of the University of New Mexico, Berthold has earned teaching awards, and his reputation as a “pain in the ass for administrators and stuffed-shirt faculty” is seasoned by the transformative era of the sixties.

Other Books by Richard M Berthold: Berthold’s previous work, “Rhodes in the Hellenistic Age” (Cornell 1984), showcases his scholarly prowess in historical exploration.

Motivation Behind the Book: “I wanted to make the essence of ancient Greece and its utter importance to Western society available to the reading public in a readable and interesting format,” expresses Berthold. His dedication to demystifying Greek history and showcasing its relevance led to the creation of “Dare To Struggle.”

Primary Message for Readers: “Dare To Struggle” offers readers a precise understanding of why the Greeks are considered one of the most important societies in history. Berthold’s narrative not only unlocks the secrets of ancient Greece but also provides valuable insights into our own society.

“Dare To Struggle: The History and Society of Greece ” is now available at major bookstores and online retailers.

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