Bespoke Door Studio Launch New Website That Caters To Both Trade Professionals And Retail Clients Searching For Innovative Home Improvement Solutions

London, United Kingdom – Bespoke Doors Studio is excited to announce the launch of its new website that caters to both trade professionals and retail clients who are searching for innovative home improvement solutions.

Based in London, England, the company offers a fresh approach to door design, with customers having the choice of a wide range of door options, from individual doors to complete dressing room packages. These doors are hand-sprayed and customisable, ensuring uniqueness and quality for each project.

Bespoke Door Studio is committed to delivering top-quality designs at sensible prices and, along with its selection of door options, provides Bespoke Wardrobes and cost-effective alternatives for kitchen upgrades. These upgrades can be complete kitchen makeovers or feature doors that save time and hassle compared to full kitchen renovations and still enhance a kitchen’s aesthetics and functionality.

“Bespoke Door Studio provides professionals and retail clients a new way to buy,” said a spokesperson from Bespoke Door Studio. “We offer market-leading premium door designs for kitchens and wardrobes for self-install. Selling just a door to a full dressing room and pre-designed wardrobe kits from 2 door to 8 door combinations. We are proud of our designs and that we offer good designs for a sensible price.”

The company is dedicated to offering market-leading door designs tailored to specific needs and encourages potential clients to get in touch to discuss their projects.

Simplified Wardrobe Solutions

Bespoke Door Studio provides streamlined wardrobe solutions, such as its Walk In Wardrobes, which are pre-designed 2 to 8 door wardrobe sets and are known for their craftsmanship and utilising various manufacturing techniques.

Whether it is a single door or an entire dressing room, each product is designed to be unique and of the highest quality. Customers simply need to provide dimensions and a picture, leaving the rest to Bespoke Door Studio.

All the wardrobe doors are available in standard sizes to suit IKEA PAX and made to measure sizes. The door specifications are:

  • 22mm thick
  • Unfinished
  • Primed white
  • Hand sprayed in a 10% sheen
  • Standard colours and any colour-matched

Bespoke Door Studio has a variety of Fitted Mirrored Wardrobes that are both eye-catching and offer a practical solution to bedroom storage. These include:

Vienna Wardrobe Door

This beautiful and delicate design is fitted with a 4mm mirror glued in place and has removable fretwork if a customer purchases the door as unfinished or with a primed white finish.

Customers can select from a range of finishing colours, such as Edwardian White, Pebble, Dolphin Grey and Mink, as well as their choice of a unique custom colour.

SHAKER Door 4 Mirror

With four square mirrors on a sleek MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) door, the SHAKER Door 4 Mirror is the perfect way to customise light and space in any room.

Doors are hand sprayed in a PU lacquer with a 10% sheen, are 22mm thick and supplied with or without hinge holes.

Bespoke Door Studio additionally offers a premier variety of Floor To Ceiling Wardrobes, including:

Edwardian Door 4

A classic in Bespoke Door Studio’s English Wardrobe Collection, this timeless door design creates a simple yet effective feature wall by extending from the floor to the ceiling for enhanced convenience and comfort.

The doors are 496mm x 1946/2294mm and can be used with an IKEA PAX carcass.

Classic Savoy

With the choice of standard or made to measure sizes, the Classic Savoy style doors at Bespoke Door Studio highlight the breath-taking beauty of minimalism.

This elegant option with its cross design is available in an array of finishing colours, such as Bone, Primed White and Pure White, or in a custom colour chosen by the customer.

More information

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