Delegation from Dir to meet elected officials on a single point agenda – establishment of Panjkora Division

Dir Think Tank and DOPA

Panjkora Division

will not give up

People of Dir ask for fair share in the development budgets. Overseas Pakistani, intellectuals & activists of Dir and people of conscious have come together demanding rights of people of the region”

— Rahim Shah Akhunkhail, Founder of DTT & DOPA

TIMERGARA, KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA, PAKISTAN, June 9, 2024 / — A delegation organized by Dir Overseas Pakistani Association (DOPA) and Dir Think Tank (DTT) to meet with advisor to Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mr. Malik Liaqat Ali Khan and other elected officials from the region.

The delegation consists of cross-section of people from Dir including but not limited to elders of the area, youth, activists, academicians, religious & political leaders, lawyers, entrepreneurs, poets & writers and social media activists in particular.

Although Dir faces significant development challenges, this meeting is solely focused on demanding the establishment of a new administrative division called Panjkora Division – consisting of Lower Dir, Upper Dir, Lower Chitral, Upper Chitral and Bajuar.

Currently, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has a population of 41 Million occupying 101, 741 square Kilometer area with 7 administrative divisions. Malakand Division is the largest in its current form and has population of 10 million people residing over 32,007 square km – meaning every 4th person in Pakhtunkhwa and more than 32% of Pakhtunkhwa land is in Malakand Division.

“People of Chitral have to travel 300 plus kilometers taking 5 days for roundtrip (because of lack of infrastructure) to get basic government services from the current divisional headquarter – for example,” – Said Dr. Nadeem Sheikh, a professor and an active member of Dir Think Tank.

“Overwhelming majority of people from Dir are overseas Pakistani contributing to the economic well being of Pakistan through regular remittances. Yet Dir, Chitral and Bajuar regions are continuously neglected and lack basic education, health and social infrastructure,” – Said Dr. Sheikh Abdul Wahab, Secretary General of Dir Overseas Pakistani Association.

“The social media activists have demanded the establishment of Panjkora Division on every forum and will continue to do so because it is the right thing to do – give people their fundamental rights,” said Mr. Tajdar Yousufzai, an overseas Pakistani and an active member of Dir social media team.

It is noted that the chief administration of Malakand division has repeatedly said that due to the geographic nature of the division, it is impossible to manage and maintain security in the region. Hence establishment of Panjkora Division is necessary not just to provide basic services to people but to maintain security.

“The administration, people and political leaders want the establishment of Panjkora Division and any delaying tactics will be unjust and denial of people’s fundamental rights and security,” Said Rahim Shah Akhunkhail, founder of DTT and DOPA.

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