The Future of Travel: Munich Hotel Group Unveils Co-Working Café and Aparthotels

Focus Lounge By King’s

Homes By King's - Digital Nomad Homes

Homes By King’s – Digital Nomad Homes

Digital nomad accommodation in Munich

Everything is included to make this a home away from home for mid to long stays!

KING’s Hotels, a prestigious boutique hotel group in Munich, is reshaping the future with the introduction of a co-working café & digital nomad homes.

As the hospitality industry evolves, so do we. Our goal is to anticipate & respond to the changing needs of our guests. The Focus Lounge & Homes by KING’s deliver a combination of work, stay, & play.”

— Hanna King, CEO of KING’s Hotels

MUNICH, GERMANY, June 16, 2023/ — KING’s Hotels, a prestigious boutique hospitality group in the heart of Munich, is reshaping the future of the sector with the introduction of two innovative concepts: a co-working café and a range of mid- to long-term aparthotel accommodations.

Responding to the evolving needs of today’s travellers, the group’s flagship – KING’s Hotel First Class – has launched the ‘Focus Lounge by KING’s,’ a state-of-the-art co-working space designed to cater to digital nomads, remote workers, and business travellers. With high-speed WiFi, meeting facilities, and an array of healthy snacks and premium coffee, the Focus Lounge provides a seamless blend of comfort, convenience, and productivity.

Simultaneously, KING’s Hotels has rolled out a new concept in accommodation: mid- to long-term aparthotels. These luxury hotel apartments, under the banner ‘Homes by KING’s,’ are ideal for extended stays, providing guests with all the amenities they need to feel at home, including premium beds, private kitchenettes, workstations, WiFi, air conditioning and laundry facilities.

Hanna King, CEO of KING’s Hotels, said, “As the hospitality industry evolves, so do we. Our goal is to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of our guests. The Focus Lounge and Homes by KING’s are our latest innovations, delivering an unparalleled combination of work, stay, and play right in the heart of Munich.”

The launch of these novel features underscores KING’s Hotels’ commitment to providing a flexible, diverse hospitality experience. Whether guests are looking for a short city break, a longer-term stay, or a conducive work environment, KING’s Hotel First Class, KING’s Hotel Center and aparthotel Advastay by KING’s cater to every possible need.

“We’ve taken the essence of our boutique hotel experience and fused it with the comforts and practicalities of home and office,” added Ms. King. “Our guests now have the freedom to tailor their stays exactly as they wish.”

With strategic locations in the vibrant Maxvorstadt district, the trio of KING’s Hotels are surrounded by a wealth of cultural attractions, making each one an ideal base for guests seeking to balance work and leisure.

Ms. King concluded: “We scour the internet for better deals on our rooms, and then we beat that price. Guests will always get the best deal on a King’s Hotel room via our website. Using the booking code displayed on our homepage, they benefit from a 10% discount on top.”

About KING’s Hotels
KING’s Hotels is a family-owned boutique hotel group based in Munich, Germany. It includes flagship KING’s Hotel First Class, KING’s Hotel Center, and aparthotel Advastay by KING’s. KING’s Hotels continues to innovate, setting the pace in the hospitality industry in Munich.

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Hanna King, CEO
KING’s Hotels Munich


KING’s Hotel First Class
Dachauer Straße 13,
80335 München
Call: +49 (0) 89.55187-0 / +49 (0) 89.55187-300;
Email: [email protected]

KING’s Center
Marsstraße 15,
80335 München
Call: +49 (0) 89.51553-0 / +49 (0) 89.51553-300
Email: [email protected]

AdvaStay by KING’s
Dachauer Straße 12,
80335 München
Call: +49 (0) 89.45209380 / +49 (0) 89.452093811
Email: [email protected]

Focus Lounge by KING’s
Dachauer Str. 13,
80335 Munich
Call: +49 15735997470
Email: [email protected]

Hanna King, CEO
KING’s Hotels Munich
+4989551870398 ext.
[email protected]
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