Upper Paleolithic Shamanic Art Code Cracked

Twin Peaks Post Flood Re-Creation by Angelic Workhorse

Answers to the Age Old Questions from the Dawn of Humanity

All subsequent spirituality and religions can be traced back to stories in Chauvet, the Cornerstone of Civilzation.”

— Sir Knight Daryl Breese

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, February 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — One Inspired Ancient Picasso recorded simple structured art in Chauvet Cave, successfully answering the Age Old Questions…. Where did we come from? Where are we going? How do we get there?

More than 30,000 years ago, rock walls in Chauvet were the first teaching blackboards that answered these questions. Simple symbolism, composite logical models and a resounding oratory (parole) explained this priceless knowledge. Profound Oral Traditional Stories to be passed down through generations. Mythical and pervasive in scope, this artist’s work enlightened others with clear answers that limited contradiction. These tangible art relics were embraced by hearts and minds, promoting Visions and Lucid Dreams in viewers. The answers satiated modern humanity with confidence to go forth and multiply….

Revelations beginning in Chauvet include: Creation; Flood; Angels; Chariot of Fire; Centaurs; Messianic Prophecy and Venus/Procreation. Eventually, passed down and landing in a variety of Scripture’s Written Word over the last 7,000 years.

The Creation Myth Hypothesis was first proposed by the Late Max Raphael, Art Historian and Archeologist (d. 1952). Max called Upper Paleolithic People, “History making people, par excellance.” Reported by David Lewis-Williams, “The Mind in the Cave”. Chauvets discovery in 1994 vindicates Raphael, in spades, confirming and expanding on his belief that Creation Myths were at the root of this art. This evidence and answers to the Age Old Questions gave humanity a roadmap of the Spiritual World. Now, all subsequent spirituality and religions can be traced back to stories in Chauvet, the Cornerstone of Civilization.

We led the translation team, explaining the metaphysic symbolism in three You Tube Videos:
Black Elks Tree of Life is Blooming!” (14:55); “Cave of Forgotten Dreams Art Translations” (18:20); “Chauvet Pont-d-Arc Dreams Unveiled” (53:14) Primary reference was “Gods Steed – Key to World Peace” Breese/D’Aoust LULU 2011

Chauvet’s important graphics include:
Creation Mural: “Genesis of the World” in Hillaire Chamber ref. “Origins and Consciousness” Erich Newmann.
Pro-Creation: Lioness/Venus/Bull composite figure in End Chamber on hanging stalactite.
Post Flood Re-Creation Mural: “Off the Ark Parade” in End Chamber; Rainbow Bridge outside Pont-d’-Arc.
Ascension/Enlightenment Mural: Rover/Merkabah/Owl; Messianic Prophecy “Sacred Heart of the Cross”.
Centaurs: Lion/Unicorn in Sacristy Chamber; Headless Hawk-like birds (template); Penguin/Mammoth.

Chauvet, at 37,000 years old, displays some of the earliest centauric symbolism. Long before India and Greek Myths became popular. Shamanic art through history maintained this secret gnostic formula that denoted an enlightened, transcendent individual. A plethora of symbolic art representing the Heavenly Spirit and Earthly Soul were combined to form Mystical Composite Beings. These eclectic Morphs down through history indicated an enlightgened ascended one.

Many symbols were used in this magical simple formula:
Heavenly Spirit: Wings; feathers; birds (Owl, Hawk, Eagle, Crane, Roadrunner, Penguin); triangle wingsuits; elongated ghostly torsos; mazes; sun; stars; crosses; vertical travel; signs; light rays/beams; flying insects; colors white and silver.
Earthly Soul: Man; disc/circles/globes; Lion; Bull; Horse; Mammoth/Elephant; Rover/Chariot/Carts; Seahorses; Headless figures.
Only limited by the formula and imagination, some examples of enlightened masters from history: The Sphinx (Lion/Pharoah Man with winglets in headdress); Effington Horse (horse/birdhead); Lion/Unicorn (horn points the way); Chauvet’s Merkabah (Mars Rover-like vehicle, rays emanating from passenger); Nomo (man/flying fish head); American Indians (man/triangle wingsuit, man/owl head, man/expanded head, man/crane).
Upper Paleolithic Art answered the Age Old Questions and began treasured themes that are evidenced today in most spirituality and religions. Please test this for yourself while reviewing our videos. This primary Chauvet Artist (broken pinky finger) somehow laid the Cornerstone for Civilization by recording His Revelations. Could this common ancient ground now be the Keystone for World Peace?

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The Late French Canadian Gerald D’Aoust
Archeo-Metaphysician, The Doctor of Dreams

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