Gokhshtein Media is Proud to Announce a Signed Media Partnership With BTC Inc. / Bitcoin 2023 Conference to Promote Events
Gokhshtein Media Partnership With BTC Inc. / Bitcoin2023 Conference

Gokhshtein Media Bitcoin 2023

Gokhshtein Media Bitcoin 2023

NEW YORK - August 31, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Bitcoin Inc., the parent company of The Bitcoin Conference, has signed Gokhshtein Media as one of its first media partnerships. Gokhshtein Media will play a major role in creating content and promoting for Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022 as well as Bitcoin 2023 in Miami, Florida. The blockchain communities' involvement around these events will focus on the benefit of attendance and online viewership to align with the values of the Bitcoin community. 

The Bitcoin Conference is an annual event that gathers thousands of people. In May of 2022, the conference was held at Miami Beach, Florida, and had an attendance of 25,000 people. The conference is recognized as "The Biggest Bitcoin Event In The World," designed to highlight all elements of Bitcoin. Each year the event celebrates Bitcoin and the mission to create hyperbitcoinization. 

A first inaugural European event from BTC Inc. will now occur this year in Amsterdam, Oct. 12-14, 2022. Bitcoin Amsterdam brings the European Bitcoin community to the global stage and will also be an excellent opportunity to learn, engage and party with other bitcoiners. 

Gokhshtein Media, under this media partnership with BTC Inc., will continue to share with the crypto community the value of these events from the perspective of thought leadership, technology development and focusing on exactly why Bitcoin leads the blockchain industry from its influential position. The delivered content will bring different perspectives and people together to see the importance of bitcoin-themed events to allow for focused content on bitcoin amongst the array of technology in the blockchain industry. 

Gokhshtein Media will be looking forward to seeing its community members at BTC 2023 in Miami, where there will be extensive media coverage, interviews, music and videos shared for all to enjoy on and offline. 

About Gokhshtein Media: Gokhshtein Media was founded in 2018 by David Gokhshtein. The company has been building educational content and other brands through daily content and consulting for the blockchain industry. With focus on cryptocurrencies, NFTs and blockchain technology, the team of writers and content creators strive to connect deeply with their community every day to empower them with knowledge.

About BTC Inc. BTC Inc was founded in 2014. The company's focus, through events, Bitcoin Magazine, and other brands, establishes Bitcoin as the world's default value system. Through these brands, the goal is to unlock a tidal wave of economic freedom, innovation, and opportunity, kickstarting the new industrial revolution and an economic golden age for the world. 

For more information, please visit www.Gokhshteinmedia.com


For Media Inquiries:

Ross Macdonald - COO - Gokhshtein Media

[email protected]  |  631-306-7956

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Original Source: Gokhshtein Media is Proud to Announce a Signed Media Partnership With BTC Inc. / Bitcoin 2023 Conference to Promote Events
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