Acclaimed author Christian Howard releases a collection of inspirational poems 50 years after they were written

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The author thinks of them as ‘word-songs’ and hopes they will help bring love and healing into the lives of others during this critical moment in history.

There is an extremely powerful force that includes and governs all others… and is even behind any phenomenon operating in the universe…. this universal force is LOVE.”

— Albert Einstein

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2024 / — Christian Howard, an author renowned for his profound insights, has unveiled his latest literary masterpiece that he calls ‘The Poem Journeys of a Mystic Mind’ available now on Amazon. The words were penned during Howard’s transformative period in the 1970s.

“On the time-yellowed first page of the manuscript is the date of March 1971,” Howard says. “Today, I’m a grandpa, a Pappy, and the young ‘me’ of back then is like someone in the past I used to know. I was being the person I needed to be for that one of the many journeys that make up this life.”

Praised for its profound impact, Howard’s previous work, “Is Eternity Already Here,” has received glowing five-star reviews. Readers have hailed it as “a powerful gift to this world” and expressed sentiments such as “you’ll be in awe after reading this book.” One reviewer remarked, “I was never so inspired from reading the Bible.”

Similarly, Howard’s collection of poems has already garnered acclaim with its own Amazon five-star review: “I absolutely loved these poems. Christian Howard is a remarkable writer, infusing his thoughts with such grace and love that they jump right off the page. Although written in the 70s, it doesn’t show. The words and thoughts are timeless and very relevant today.”

Along with Steve Jobs, Dennis Weaver, other Hollywood stars of the 1970s, and millions of people worldwide, Howard became a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda. Embarking on what he calls his ‘mystic period,’ the author became wholly devoted to pursuing Yogananda’s vision of the superconscious state – which he claims he did reach.

During this transformative journey, Howard penned these inspirational poems that would comprise the “Word-Songs” collection. Reflecting on their origin, Howard likens his experience to Puccini’s, who famously stated that he didn’t write “Madame Butterfly” but instead heard it elsewhere and transcribed it.

Similarly, Howard asserts, “These poems also already existed somewhere else, and I just wrote them down.”

Now half a century after they were stowed away in a drawer, Howard felt compelled to share these poetic gems during this time of societal division and unrest. Just as his previous work, “Eternity,” garnered acclaim for its transformative power, with “Word-Songs” he aims to continue his mission to bring healing, hope and love into a fractured world. While many of the poems are devotional, most of the verses are inspirational thoughts the author hopes readers will find uplifting and add to their own life journeys.

“Think of my spiritual journey as a climb up a mountain,” Howard writes. “I heard about a beautiful spiritual mountain with incredible scenery, and I wanted to reach the top and see the view for myself. Think of these poems as photos I took along the way.”

“During my 10-year mystic period, my soul shared these 226 thoughts like signposts to guide my way,” Howard explains. “I was in love with God – not some bearded senior citizen, but the God who invented butterflies, love, quantum physics, time and gravity – eternity’s CEO – and these were the result. Why should I share them now? Because they come from love and will bring love to you and feed your soul.” The feedback and reactions of Howard’s literary works suggest that they are achieving the desired impact and touching readers’ hearts worldwide.

“As Einstein said, ‘what we call reality is an illusion,’” Howard reminds us. “What is real is love. Both Einstein and Jesus said God is love. We are here to find and become love. It is love that lifts us from the human illusion. It is the only ticket for the journey home.” As readers embark on their own spiritual odysseys, Howard’s insights offer a beacon of light, guiding them toward greater understanding, enlightenment, and spiritual fulfillment.

Accompanying Howard’s inspirational verses are watercolors by his roommate of that time, Keith Mathewson. The author thinks of them just as poems in another format that add to the uplifting experience of “Word-Songs.”

Samples of both poems and watercolors can be found on the book’s website,

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