Andy Warhol, honoured at the Ice Hotel of Bâlea Lac

The iconic artist Andy Warhol is honoured at Ice Hotel in Bâlea Lac

Every year another Ice Hotel is built at Bâlea Lac

Ice Hotel in Bâlea Lac

Three rooms of the seventeenth Ice Hotel at Bâlea Lac will be named “Dracula/Hotel Transylvania Cluj”, “Andy Warhol”, and “Master Mircea Codrea”.

BâLEA LAC, SIBIU, ROMANIA, December 15, 2023 / — The unusual hotel made of ice has been, for almost two decades, the main attraction of the winter season in the Făgăraș Mountains. Soon, when the weather conditions at Bâlea Lac are suitable (the average temperature should be around -5 degrees Celsius), work will begin on the seventeenth Ice Hotel, a unique construction that has become, in recent decades, a true symbol of the winter seasons in the most famous glacial caldera of the Făgăraș Mountains.

For 2023-2024 season, the initiators of the “Ice Hotel of Bâlea Lac” tourism marketing project have chosen the theme: ART & ICE”. Thus, much of the architectural concept of the Ice Hotel this winter, as well as the execution of the works and fittings, will be carried out to highlight the theme of the project: art, with its multitude of forms, expressions and exponents, highlighted by the nobility, hardness, purity and sensitivity of ice.

American Andy Warhol, a complex and well-known contemporary artist who has worked in a variety of media including painting, screen-printing, photography, film and sculpture, will be promoted in one of the rooms of the Ice Hotel. Although his personality has also sparked much controversy, Andy Warhol has managed to become an iconic artistic figure of his time. His styles are recognised and adopted even by artists today. In the 2023 – 2024 season, the Ice Hotel “ART & ICE” Bâlea Lac invites the author of the book “Warhol after Warhol”, Richard Dorment, for a presentation of his recent work.

Another room of the future glitter palace will be called “Dracula/Hotel Transilvania Cluj”. This choice is based on several elements considered particularly important for the implementation of this season’s marketing strategy.

First of all, Dracula is a brand associated with Transylvania, extremely well known internationally, but less people know that the Hotel Transilvania in Cluj Napoca is the real hotel in the imaginary story of the novelist Bram Stoker, the Irish author of the novel “Dracula”. After lengthy research, historians have established that the Hotel Royale in Klausenburg can be identified with the Hotel Transylvania in Cluj-Napoca, which at the time bore the name “Queen of England”. It was at this hotel that Jonathan Harker stopped on his way to Count Dracula’s Bran Castle to broker a property deal for him in Carfax London.

The choice of this name for a room in the Ice Hotel is also linked to the launch of the “Cultural Routes Winter Experience in Romania by Historic Cafes Route“, the first tourism product of Historic Cafes Route Romania. The itinerary offers tourists from all over the world the opportunity to reach five well-known places in Transylvania, which are members of the Cultural Route in Historic Cafes Route (Chios Social Lounge Cluj Napoca, Hotel Transilvania Cluj-Napoca, Pardon Cafe Sibiu, Brukenthal Palace Avrig and Bâlea Lac Hut). Tourists may reach these places flying in the international airports of Cluj-Napoca or Sibiu.

The Historic Cafes Route is one of the 48 cultural routes officially acknowledged by the Council of Europe, routes that promote historical and cultural heritage, architecture, personalities, civilisation and many other European values and principles.

The third room of the Ice Hotel will be named “Master Mircea Codrea (Art Gallery Brukenthal Palace Avrig)”. The painter from Avrig has recently specialised in works reproducing the works of the most famous painters in the world. These are the basis of the Brukenthal Palace Art Gallery Avrig. The former summer residence of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal hosts art exhibitions with various themes, book launches, concerts, performances, symposiums, etc. The venue is open to all artistic challenges, in order to honour the personality of the former governor of Transylvania, one of the greatest art lovers of his time.

The hotel in the “heart” of the mountains will have 20 rooms, Ice Restaurant and Ice Bar. The construction technology is a new feature of the season (giant balloons will be used, inflated to high pressure, over which snow will be sprayed and allowed to freeze). The exterior look of the Ice Hotel will also be changed.

In the winter seasons, the Ice Hotel, Ice Church and igloos were built in the glacial caldera of Lake Bâlea (in the proximity of the Bâlea Lac cable car station), from ice “bricks” cut from the lake surface and snow, which was later hardened by mixing with water and very low temperatures.

Both the Ice Hotel and the Ice Church are unique sights in central and south-eastern Europe.

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