Angela Tortorici Mantero Authors “Find Your Light!”; Equates Common Theaterisms to Valuable Life Lessons

Find Your Light!

Angela Tortorici Mantero

Angela Tortorici Mantero

Find Your Light!

Find Your Light!

The book, believed to be the first of its kind, takes theater expressions and shows, as life lessons, how they may be applied to various aspects of one’s life.

These theater lessons have helped me live a better life. I hope they do the same for you.”

— Angela Tortorici Mantero

SHELTON, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2024 / — “Find Your Light! Theater is Life. Life is Theater.” is a new book authored by Angela Tortorici Mantero, a Shelton, CT mother of four who has been active in virtually all aspects of the theater for several decades. The book takes expressions used in the theater and shows, as life lessons, how they may be applied to various aspects of one’s life.

“After spending every possible moment in a theater space throughout high school and college, I left it all behind to get married and start a family, wondering what I would ever do with all my theater experience as an actor, director and production team member,” Mantero said.

“Well, after almost 20 years of working with middle school and high school theater groups and performing onstage, as well, it’s clear to me that theater impacts life far beyond the stage. Now, as an adjudicator for two regional award programs for high school theater, I travel all over Connecticut seeing upwards of two dozen shows each year. The level of talent, experience and resources varies greatly. But the one thing that is consistently abundant is the courage and creativity of kids becoming and doing more than they ever thought they could and having the time of their lives.

“Writing ‘Find Your Light! Theater is Life. Life is Theater’ has been an unexpected and gratifying culmination of sharing my passion for theater with others. These theater lessons have helped me live a better life. I hope they do the same for you,” she added.

Mantero explained what inspired her to write the book.

“I was talking with my father after working with a high school theater group in 2021. As the director, I had told one of the kids to find his light, and my dad said, ‘That’s a great name for a book of theaterisms and the life lessons they imply.’ So, we worked on the book on and off over the past three years and now have something worth sharing with all students and lovers of theater.”

Mantero’s father is Anthony J Tortorici, a retired public relations executive who served as contributor, co-editor and, as owner of Bella Dolci LLC, publisher of the book.

Typically, a theaterism is shown on the left page and its corresponding life lesson is the facing page on the right. For example, the saying, “find your light” as a theaterism is defined, in part, to be about the “…’hot spot’ on stage where the lighting is best. Be aware and position yourself there to be properly illuminated….” Then the life lesson on the facing page, in part, is explained as “It means to discover and pursue your passions in life. It involves identifying what brings you joy, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose and direction. Once you have found your light, you can use it as a guiding force to achieve your goals and serve others….”

Believed to be the first book of its kind, “Find Your Light! Theater is Life. Life is Theater” is available through more than 39,000 retail and library outlets in person and online, in hardbound, paperback and eBook formats on more than 40 top publishing platforms including Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble. See more information at


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