Aron Govil’s Book Explains Concerning Voter  Apathy to Democracy

Author Aron Govil

Aron Govil’s insightful book selling on Amazon, discusses the voter apathy to US democracy, caused by Donald Trump’s rise within the Republican Party

NEW YORK, NY, USA, August 4, 2023/ — Author Aron Govil’s insightful book currently selling on Amazon, discusses the dangers to the US democracy, caused by Donald Trump’s rise within the Republican Party and a concerning trend of apathy among his supporters towards preserving and safeguarding democracy in the USA despite Trump’s increasing legal woes.

Author Aron Govil, who wrote the Book under his pen name, Arun K. Govil, explains in the book that Trump supporters’ feel a lack of faith in institutions, mainstream media, the government and the perception that these institutions are biased against them; they feel a sense of helplessness, and thus disengage from the democratic process altogether, and stand in support of Trump, in spite of his two recent indictments from the special counsel, as they think he is their messiah. Trump’s support is so powerful that even extends among the many prominent legislatures within the Republican party.

Trump’s constant criticism of mainstream media as “fake news” has led many of his supporters to turn to alternative sources for information that are not thoroughly fact-checked and scrutinized. These alternate news sources often provide biased misinformation and conspiracy theories against the government and the main-stream media. Aron Govil cites research and surveys in his book including a study published in the journal “Political Behavior” in 2018 which stated, that during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Trump garnered significant votes from non-college-educated voters. The study indicated that college education played a significant role in predicting voting behavior, such that, people with lower levels of education were more likely to support Trump. Furthermore, research and surveys have shown that people with lower education have greater tendency to believe in conspiracy theories whereas individuals who have received formal education have a better understanding of the democratic institutions, values, and are less likely to believe in conspiracy theories. Receiving news from alternate sources makes the Trump supporters feel that they are armed with real facts, while in reality, they have simply reinforced their preexisting beliefs, a phenomenon called Dunning – Kruger effect.

Govil’s brilliant book, shows that Trump’s populist rhetoric resonates with many disfranchised voters, tapping into their frustration with the status quo and promising swift solutions. This appeal of populism leads to oversimplification of complex issues, making it challenging for Trump supporters to comprehend the nuances of preserving democratic institutions. Effectively Trump supporters conflate their loyalty to him with their support for democracy. The notion of “my president, right or wrong” blurs the lines between loyalty to an individual and loyalty to the democratic ideals the nation stands for. This misplaced allegiance makes Trump’s supporters overlook Trump’s actions that undermine democracy.
The book titled, “A Nation of Sheep Will Believe A Trump” is available on Amazon.

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