Bama-Q TV Unveils BBQ Hill: A New Destination For Grilling Enthusiasts And BBQ Academy

BBQ Ribs Masterclass, led by nationally ranked pitmaster John Lindsey

BBQ Ribs by John Lindsey

BBQ Ribs by John Lindsey

BBQ Hill Logo

BBQ Hill Logo

Introducing BBQ Hill: Bama-Q TV’s hub for grilling and BBQ enthusiasts, events, and food media content creation.

There’s a science to barbecuing. It’s not just about how long you cook but at what temperature. A mere difference of 2-3 degrees can transform your meat from good to exceptional.”

— Melvin Graham

PIKE ROAD, ALABAMA, US, August 24, 2023/ — The sizzle of the grill, the aroma of smoked meats, and the passion for perfecting the art of barbecuing come alive at BBQ Hill, the latest venture by the creators of Bama-Q TV. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Pike Road, BBQ Hill promises to be the ultimate destination for both rookie grillers and seasoned pitmasters.

Bruce Johnson, a renowned pitmaster and a key figure behind Bama-Q TV, shared his excitement, “We’ve been blessed to work with over 50 pitmasters on the Bama-Q TV show. The passion, the camaraderie, the sheer joy of barbecuing – we wanted to bring that experience to the public. BBQ Hill is our way of sharing the magic of BBQ with everyone.”

For those who’ve ever wondered if they could grill like the pros, BBQ Hill offers the perfect opportunity. From beginners who’ve never even lit a grill to professionals looking to refine their techniques, the academy caters to all. Melvin Graham, BBQ Hill manager, emphasized, “Our aim is to teach the art of barbecuing on a variety of platforms – pellet grills, flat tops, smokers, and traditional charcoal grills.”

BBQ HILL recently celebrated the success of its inaugural event, the BBQ Ribs Masterclass, led by nationally ranked pitmaster John Lindsey. The event was a complete sell-out, drawing enthusiasts eager to delve deep into the art of barbecuing. Attendees were treated to a comprehensive session that covered a range of topics, including Smoking Methods, Fire Management, and the nuances of preparing both Baby Back and St. Louis Spare Ribs. The masterclass was a testament to the caliber of expertise that BBQ HILL aims to offer, with many looking forward to future sessions that promise to elevate their grilling skills.

But BBQ Hill is not just about learning; it’s about perfecting. Melvin Graham added, “There’s a science to barbecuing. It’s not just about how long you cook but at what temperature. A mere difference of 2-3 degrees can transform your meat from good to exceptional.”

Beyond classes, BBQ Hill boasts a state-of-the-art content creation studio, producing everything from recipe videos to food competitions. The space is also available for events and corporate meetings, complete with a full catering kitchen to elevate any gathering into a gourmet experience.

As Bruce Johnson aptly put it, “The next time you serve up a BBQ masterpiece, you’ll have a story to tell. A story of passion, learning, and the art of perfect barbecuing.”

NBC WSFA Appearances: “Learn To Grill On BBQ HILL”

In a bid to further share the art and passion of barbecuing, BBQ Hill is proud to announce its segment on NBC WSFA titled “Learn To Grill On BBQ HILL”. This segment will spotlight different BBQ experts, offering viewers a unique insight into the world of grilling. Not just a showcase of skills, each episode will also highlight the products and techniques of our esteemed sponsors, ensuring viewers get a comprehensive BBQ experience right from their screens.

For those eager to embark on this culinary journey, sign-ups for classes are now open at

About Bama-Q TV:

Bama-Q TV is a renowned show that delves deep into the world of ‘Food Sport’. Over the years, it has covered BBQ competitions across the Southeastern US, introducing viewers to a family of talented Pitmasters, chefs, and unique BBQ personalities. With the introduction of the Bama-Q Grilling Challenge Series in 2021, the show continues to expand its horizons, bringing the best of BBQ and grilling to audiences everywhere.

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

BBQ Hill’s vision and success wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of our sponsors. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to:

BAMA-Q TV, for their continuous dedication to promoting the art of BBQ.

Alabama Cattlemen’s Association

Sweet Grown Alabama

Bama BBQ Supply, for ensuring we’re always equipped with the best.

B&B Charcoal, for providing the fuel behind our flavorful creations.

Hasty Bake Charcoal Grills, for their top-notch charcoal grills that do it all.

WSFA News, for being our media partner and sharing our journey with the world.

Their commitment to excellence mirrors our own, and together, we aim to elevate the BBQ experience for all.

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