GiveBackToken Monthversary & The Launch of GBTpromoAgency

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, April 6, 2024 / — #GiveBackToken, or #GBT, is a digital asset of a unique global foundation based on #TUE, which stands for TRUST, UNITY, and EDUCATION.
#GBT aims to support whoever is affected by this financial system, keeping in mind that a large portion of the world’s population is suffering from the monopoly of wealth being controlled by 3% of the world’s richest people for years now.
#GiveBackToken is a registered, audited, and transparent cryptocurrency project with a 99% “give back” to #GBT holders strategy, with 33% burning wallets and the remaining 66% evenly divided between buyback and BNB rewards for stacking for any amount of sales above the original locked 1000 BNB.
#GBT was able to accumulate, within a very short period, more than 60K followers on Twitter and 18K members on Telegram. This one-of-a-kind crypto project, which has both SOCIAL and BLOCKCHAIN utilities, has been primarily based on the DCA strategy (dollar-cost averaging), which has been proven to be the most effective and reliable way to invest in crypto.

#GBT aims to redistribute the world’s wealth in a fair way, and that is based on how much each person has invested in the #GBTFOUNDATION supply.


#GBT accomplished the 700-holders milestone has been in just over three weeks from project launch, which consequently could be considered one of the fastest-growing projects this year.


Not only that, but #GBT is now available to thousands of additional users across the eight biggest blockchains listed below:


– ETH,

– BSC,

– Polygon,

– Avalanche,

– Optimsim,

– Arbitrum,

– zkSync,

– Linea

Simply by linking your wallet using project’s website and selecting “GBT” from the drop-down menu; any wallet linked to one of the previously mentioned blockchains may acquire #GBT.

Having all the above as a mission statement and goals…

#GBT Proudly announcing the latest news to the entire cryptocurrency community:

The launch of GBT marketing Agency with new #:


More than 90 twitters HOSTS are assisting the extended marketing campaign which goes all the way until 17.04.24

Samowel Aboud (AE)
Give Back Token Foundation PTY LTD
+61 412 003 456
email us here
Visit us on social media:


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