Redefining Home Decor: BioDisplay Integrates Nature into Everyday Living

Nature-Integrated Living

BioDisplay™ filled with moss.


Nature-Integrated Living™

Nature-Integrated Living

Introducing BioDisplay: The World’s First Biophilic Coffee Table, a Pioneering Product that Reshapes the Interaction Between People and Nature in the Home.

LONDON, UK, January 25, 2024 / — reHumane announces BioDisplay, their inaugural product; it can showcase natural elements in an open and inviting manner. It is designed to enhance personal well-being by integrating the outdoors into the home on an unprecedented scale, a concept the company calls “Nature-Integrated Living”. BioDisplay will be available for pre-order in spring 2024 on

Luke Cowdry, the founder of reHumane, says: “Nature’s power to soothe stress, elevate mood, and ignite creativity inspires me. Yet, in urban settings, this essential connection is often tested. That’s why we created BioDisplay to strengthen that connection in a new and exciting way.”

reHumane was inspired by the well-researched concept of Biophilic Design, which brings natural elements into built environments. This approach enhances user well-being and has emerged as a buzzword in interior design circles. Its popularity has impacted various sectors worldwide, like schools, hospitals, public spaces, and corporate headquarters.

However, it hasn’t gained traction in one area: a crucial one – the home. “Biophilic Design might have a problem,” explains Luke Cowdry. “Its complexity and holistic nature, often on a large scale, have kept it out of reach for the average individual. We want to challenge that notion by introducing ‘biophilic furniture’ as an approachable category in home design.”

BioDisplay, the first ‘biophilic furniture’ piece, dedicates its entire surface to displaying natural elements openly, without a glass barrier. End-users can personalize these displays, tailoring them to their unique aesthetic preferences. This enables a lifestyle of coexistence with the outdoor environment in the home on an unprecedented scale. An approach reHumane refers to as Nature-Integrated Living.

BioDisplay is designed with a deep respect for the environment, demonstrated by its eco-friendly materials; this commitment complements the serene beauty the table can showcase. reHumane invites individuals to imagine a slice of the great outdoors in their living room – the unique experience BioDisplay is set to offer.

Intriguingly, the details about the functionality and workings of the table remain under wraps, with the company promising to reveal more as the launch approaches.

Prepare for the Launch: Get a sneak peek of BioDisplay now at Interested individuals can sign up via email or follow reHumane on Instagram for the latest updates. The full website launch and BioDisplay pre-orders are scheduled for this spring.

About reHumane: Founded by a small team of nature and design enthusiasts in London, UK, reHumane aims to seamlessly integrate forms of nature into everyday home life. This approach is rooted in the belief that a close connection with the natural world enhances physical, mental, and emotional well-being, fostering more harmonious living environments.

Daniella Hayes
reHumane Ltd
[email protected]

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