Barrington Levy Releases New Single “Money Is The Drug”

From Barrington Levy Photo Shoot 28-07-2023

Barrington Levy releases new single “Money Is The Drug” ahead of upcoming album LIFE. LOVE. HUMANITY.

Barrington Levy, “Money Is the Drug.” With a reputation for crafting timeless reggae classics, Levy continues to deliver music that resonates with audiences worldwide.”— Monique McLeod”

— Monique McLeod


Barrington Levy is back with a captivating new single titled “Money Is the Drug.” With a career spanning over four decades and a reputation for crafting timeless reggae classics, Levy continues to deliver music that resonates with audiences worldwide. “Money Is the Drug” is no exception, blending his signature smooth vocals with an energetic dancehall vibe.

Taken from his upcoming album LIFE. LOVE. HUMANITY., the track explores the complexities of society’s infatuation with wealth and materialism, delivering a powerful message wrapped in Levy’s unmistakable vocal sound.

It can be argued that one significant contribution to Barrington Levy’s longevity is the desire to sample his unique vocal styling and licensing of his songs for various purposes (ie: TV, Film). One such notable reference, was the Netflix Black Western “The Harder They Fall” in which his classic “Here I Come” (Broader Than Broadway) was uniquely arranged for the Film which was well received.

For “Money Is The Drug”, Levy once again decided to pull for stalwarts from his earlier work. Songwriter Gary Benson, who is credited with classic songs such as “Don’t Throw It All Away” (The Delfonics et al), “Close to You” (Maxi Priest) and “Living Dangerously”. Music Producer Handel Tucker who co-produced “Close to You” (Maxi Priest”, composer of Beres Hammond’s “No Disturb Sign” and keyboardist on Barrington Levy’s Classic “Vice Versa Love”. Money Is the Drug is written by Benson, Levy and Tucker and Produced and arranged by Handel Tucker. “This team felt right for this track” says Mr. Levy. Fans and newcomers alike are in for a treat as Barrington Levy proves once again why he’s a true reggae legend.

“Money Is The Drug” is available on all major platforms with Music Video available on YouTube.

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Music Video – “Money Is The Drug” – Barrington Levy

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