Flextank Free Operational Expense Savings Production Calculator Helps Wineries and Cideries Analyze, Increase Revenue

Flextanks help Craft Beverage Makers reduce overhead and OpEx costs, and expand capacity.

Flextanks deliver improved craft beverage efficiency and sustainability.

Flextanks deliver improved beverage making efficiency, cost savings, sustainability and margins.

New Flextank Production Operational Expense Calculator Delivers Space, Cost Savings, Ways to Expand Production, Storage, Sustainability and Margins.

This Flextank Calculator helps Craft Beverage Producers assess and reduce expenses, plan how they can expand their space and operations, increase labor efficiency, and improve ROI and overall revenue.”

— Jonathan Smalley, Flextank CEO

VANCOUVER, WA, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Flextank, the leader in advanced oxygen-permeable polyethylene tanks for wine, cider, spirits and craft beverage fermentation and storage, today announced availability of a free Production and Operating Expenditure (OpEx) Calculator for beverage makers.

The new Flextank Production and OpEx Calculator helps Wineries, Cideries. Spirits and Craft Beverage Makers assess their projected production and OpEx costs, estimate production efficiency, map out how to expand capacity, and improve output and revenue growth.

The new Flextank Calculator helps Craft Beverage Makers:
• Estimate in real-time projected production, OpEx costs and potential revenue.
• Map out how to reduce overhead and OpEx costs, and expand capacity and production efficiency.
• Assess oak barrel requirements by gallons or liters.
• Develop custom, durable long-term production and storage solutions.
• Obtain free downloadable results that will help owners, operations managers and CFOs map out their 2024 marketing and production strategy.

“Many Cideries, Wineries and Craft Beverage Makers are in a tight bind now. They need to both reduce overhead OpEx costs and increase production,” said Jon Smalley, Flextank CEO. “Craft Beverage producers have to find new ways to increase their ROI, better utilize their space, increase labor efficiency and overall revenue. This new Calculator helps these beverage producers assess and thereby reduce their current expenses and plan how they can scale and expand their operation, and increase margins.”

Flextank Calculator Availability
The new calculator is available now. Beverage production, operational and financial planners can access the Real-time Flextank Revenue + OpEx Calculator HERE (https://flextank.com/send-my-barrel-calculation-results/) and send the results directly to their email.

Flextank consultants can also provide Craft Beverage Makers with expert guidance, as well as production and project consultation that is oriented to help operators increase their: productivity, sustainability, efficiency, revenue, and margins.

About Flextank
Flextank advanced oxygen-permeable polyethylene tanks and hoppers are the leading wine, cider, spirits and craft beverage fermentation and storage solutions available worldwide. Flextanks help beverage makers have affordable, efficient production. More than 4000 Cideries and craft beverage production operations worldwide rely on Flextank for efficient, controllable, sustainable production.

SmaK Plastics is the parent company of well-known industry brands such as Flextank. SmaK Plastics is based in Vancouver, Washington with product dealers around the world. To learn more about SmaK Plastics and its brands, visit: www.smakplastics.com.

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