Kiwi: A Tiny Wheelchair Pup’s Journey to Find a Loving Home

Disabled rescue puppy, Kiwi finds hope and mobility thanks to the Red Fern Animal Rescue. Now this tiny wheelchair dog is searching for her forever family

DENVER, CO, US, November 29, 2023 / — When Denver-based Red Fern Animal Rescue saw a tiny Plott Hound puppy listed on the euthanasia list at a Texas shelter, they immediately reached out. To their surprise, they quickly learned that he also had a sister in need. Likely injured at birth, Kiwi had suffered a spinal injury that left her unable to walk. Red Fern stepped in to rescue both puppies.

Recognizing that Kiwi would need specialized care, they turned to Abby Stevenson, a compassionate foster mom who exclusively adopts and fosters senior and special needs dogs, and was more than willing to open her heart and home to Kiwi.

Kiwi’s injuries included a compression fracture and a rib fracture. Abby explained, “Her veterinary team believes she was injured so young that she never learned to walk; Kiwi could have been injured during birth, or she could have been stepped on or kicked. She arrived lying flat on her chest, unable to even scoot around. We took her straight to our friends at Walking Paws Rehab in Boulder, who fell in love with her. We had to start slow, focusing on stretches and massage to lengthen the muscles that had shortened from so many weeks of laying in the same sternal position. As she got more comfortable, she got more confident and willing to try new things. By the second week, we had her standing in a wheelchair, guiding her through her first steps. A few days later, she was zooming around in her wheelchair! Now, it has been a month of rehab, 3x a week, and at-home exercises every day, and she has made amazing progress.”

VIDEO: Watch Kiwi’s Journey So Far

Kiwi’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair plays a pivotal role in her rehabilitation, enabling her to stand, play, and rebuild her strength. Knowing that this growing pup will soon outgrow her cart, Walkin’ Pets, a NH-based pet mobility company, has offered to donate Kiwi’s next cart as she continues her journey to stay active.

Kiwi has blossomed into a social butterfly and especially loves dogs and kids! She adores her foster brother Rocky, who also has a spinal injury. The perfect family for Kiwi will be one that can accommodate her special needs. Due to her spinal fracture, she is incontinent and wears diapers. She is unable to navigate stairs, so her forever home must either be stair-free or have stairs gated for her safety. Above all, Kiwi needs a family dedicated to continuing her therapy and providing the love and support she deserves.

If you’re interested in adopting Kiwi and being part of her heartwarming journey, please reach out to Red Fern Animal Rescue. Your love and care can make a world of difference in Kiwi’s life.

Red Fern Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foster-based animal rescue in Denver, CO, whose mission is to rescue dogs from abandonment and neglect in South Texas, to advocate for animal welfare, and to connect adopters with their ideal canine companion. To learn more, visit

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