Linqia Launches CreatorTV to Uplevel Content for the B+ CTV Ad Market

Linqia Launches CreatorTV

CreatorTV brings social-first creator content to a full-screen experience

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2024 / — Linqia, the premier influencer marketing agency for enterprise brands, today announced the launch of CreatorTV, a new offering that transforms creator generated content into full screen 15 and 30 second CTV ads.

The CTV ad market surpassed a whopping $24B in 2023, and marked the first year that U.S. cord-cutting households (68.7 million) outnumbered pay TV households (62.8 million). Of those connected TV viewers, 73% prefer to watch free ad-supported content vs paying for ad-free CTV content. That’s a lot of CTV ads that need to be created by brands to service the growing ad free user base.

Enter Linqia’s CreatorTV offering, a cost efficient and expedited method for brands to create CTV ads vs. traditional production. The premise is simple, Linqia works with creators mapped to the brand’s persona to develop content optimized for a full-screen experience. The top creator content is stitched together into one or multiple premium 15 and 30 second full-screen advertisements, and those ads are then delivered across CTV networks based on the brands target audience.

“The principles of Connected TV assets are distinct from those of traditional TV, and are in some ways closer to creative approaches on paid social”, says Finola Austin, Head of Creative Strategy at Linqia. As a former Creative Strategist at Meta, Austin understands how to craft creator content with a view to strong performance in paid social and how to adapt that style of content when extending its use to other media placements.

“There are best practices to follow, like bringing the brand in early (ideally within the first three seconds), focusing on human-centered content right out of the gates, and ending on a strong, hard hitting CTA,” added Austin.

Linqia says that CreatorTV ads cost a fraction of the average television spot produced by a traditional creative agency, and can be developed in half, a quarter, or even less time. This allows for a much more responsive production process, enabling brands to react to current cultural trends in a way they have not been able to prior.

Linqia also says that the performance of these CreatorTV ads is better than more traditional television ads. In a recent test with a Health and Wellness partner, Linqia’s CreatorTV ads drove a 2x lift in view rate and a 20% reduction in CPMs vs. platform benchmarks.

“It’s really a win-win-win,” says Nader Alizadeh, CEO at Linqia. “It’s less expensive for brands, faster to produce, and delivers better results. We expect this creator style of content to become the best practice for brands creating content tailored to the CTV viewing experience.”

As Connected TV becomes a larger share of the marketing pie, brands are going to increasingly need more content that feels native to the CTV viewing experience. And with social style content moving beyond the walls of social, CreatorTV may be exactly what these brands need at just the right time.

About Linqia:

Linqia is the calm in the chaotic sea of influencer marketing. As a full-service, tech-enabled platform, Linqia handles campaigns for the world’s leading brands from influencer selection to creative strategy to scale. While some influencer companies offer only technology and others operate as creative agencies, Linqia leverages both science and storytelling to help brands create emotive, human-first campaigns with inspiring content optimized by metrics-driven confidence.

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