Pollock Clinics Offers Clinically Advanced Testosterone Replacement Therapy With The T-Optimizer Program in BC

experienced doctor testosterone replacement therapy in New Westminster BC

Dr. Aaron Goldstein, MBBS, CCFP, FRACGP

The Pollock T-Optimizer program aims to help men improve their drive, from the bedroom, to the sports field, to the boardroom.

Testosterone replacement therapy with the T-Optimizer program can improve many of the sexual, physical and psychological symptoms of low testosterone.”

— Dr. Aaron Goldstein

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, August 4, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Pollock Clinics, a leading provider of comprehensive men’s sexual health services, is proud to announce the launch of their innovative Pollock T-Optimizer program for treating low testosterone. With a mission to enhance the sexual health and well-being of men in British Columbia, Dr. Aaron Goldstein is taking on the role as lead physician of this clinically advanced method of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

The Pollock T-Optimizer program offers an evidence-based, patient-centered approach to hormone replacement therapy that ensures each man receives a tailored treatment plan for his unique needs. This approach is based on the latest research and aims to help men improve their drive, from the boardroom to the bedroom.

The program’s daily testosterone micro-dosing prescription strategy is designed to maximize efficacy and minimize effects. In addition, the program delivers a comprehensive annual physical exam to ensure cardiovascular and prostate health, a focused exam every three months, and private, personalized lab testing done in the comfort of our New Westminster clinic location.

The goal of the Pollock T-Optimizer program is to mimic as closely as possible a man’s natural daily release of testosterone, which occurs at night peaking in the morning and then waning throughout the day. The treatment has been proven to have a positive impact on sexual health, resulting in an improvement in sex drive, erectile function, morning erections, orgasm intensity, time to ejaculation, and ejaculatory volume. It also has a positive effect on physical health, with increased lean muscle mass, muscle strength, and physical strength, as well as psychological health, resulting in improved confidence, energy, and mood.

For over 25 years, Pollock Clinics has been a trusted provider of expert care, and is one of BC’s largest providers of comprehensive men’s sexual health care. With years of experience, Dr. Goldstein looks forward to offering his expertise and helping men treat testosterone deficiency at both clinic locations in Vancouver and New Westminster.

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