Renowned Pastor Jeffrey G Rogers Unveils “God’s Love: A Transformative Biblical Journey”

Discovering the Profound Essence of Divine Love

UNITED STATES, December 20, 2023 / — Renowned Pastor Jeffrey G Rogers introduces “God’s Love: A Transformative Biblical Journey” in his latest work, released under the banner of Christian Fire Assembly. With a rich background in Architectural Engineering, Rogers transitioned to full-time ministry in the early 90s, dedicating himself to equipping believers and guiding them toward a deeper prayer life.

“God’s Love is Different” fills a void in biblical scholarship, offering a succinct yet impactful exploration of the transformative nature of God’s love. Rogers draws on his extensive experience to navigate the scriptures, providing readers with a condensed guide to this fundamental aspect of Christian faith.

In addition to this work, Rogers authored “Heritage and Heresies: God’s Controversy with Majorities and Minorities” in 1991, showcasing his commitment to understanding the divine.

Rogers’ latest book is a heartfelt response to the need for a concise yet powerful understanding of God’s love. The primary message is clear: God’s love is not just different but better than previously thought. This revelation has the potential to guide believers, unveiling God’s intentions and the profound impact of His love on individuals and the world.

Describing his motivation, Rogers says, “There are almost no biblical scholarly written books focused solely on the Love of God. I sensed we needed one with Bible references, not in an exhaustive volume, but more like a cliff notes version.”

Readers can anticipate a transformative journey, gaining insights that reshape their understanding of God’s love and empower them to experience a supernatural relationship with the Creator. “God’s Love is Different” is a call to move beyond religious traditions and embrace the adventure of walking with God in the Spirit.

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About Pastor Jeffrey G Rogers: Dynamic and experienced, Pastor Jeffrey G Rogers, currently serving as the pastor at Christian Fire Assembly in Bowie, Maryland, transitioned to full-time ministry in the early 90s. With a background in Architectural Engineering, he is dedicated to equipping believers and strengthening the Body of Christ through Holy Spirit empowerment rooted in love. His latest book, “God’s Love is Different: A Biblical Theology on the Love of God,” offers a transformative exploration of divine love.

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