Robert Perry Uncovers Knowledge About the Historical Turkey Feather Cape


With a hand from PageTurner Press and Media, Robert Perry celebrates a long-lost art form in The Turkey Feather Cape: My Creation from Beyond History—taking explorers, like him, into an engaging historical and cultural adventure.

His one-of-a-kind work rekindles our commitment to nurturing ideas and visions that are important to mankind and the world. It has garnered a five-star review from book reviewers on Readers’ Favorite.

Foluso Falaye admired how “Perry’s concise and educational historical insights bring the reader’s attention to the importance of deeply understanding a culture before representing it.”

When the door is opened to the past, we gain wisdom for the future. By digging for the roots of the past buried in the homelands, Robert Perry hopes to reawaken skills and attributes that will carry Chickasaw Nation through the 21st century.

The Turkey Feather Cape follows the history of “a lost art that shaped a community but has been forgotten by many,” as asserted by Luwi Nyakansaila. Cecelia Hopkins felt a strong sense of regret for the Chickasaw lifestyle that had been lost but was truly uplifted by Perry’s call to use creativity to reclaim its power. He encourages everyone to take pride in their country’s past.

Doreen Chombu presented an overview of the book’s inception. “The ancient Chickasaw people had a peaceful and established culture, customs, and beliefs before meeting the Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto and giving up their land to the white settlers. They were skilled in crafts that symbolized their beliefs, including feather capes. Feather capes are a particularly fragile artifact, and not many of them remain.”

She added, The Turkey Feather Cape “revives the lost art of making feather capes” as Perry intricately “covers everything from choosing the right fabric to attaching the feathers, to how many feathers one may need.” This is this craft’s well-constructed manual, with the accompaniment of clear images and illustrations that highlight each stage of the process. Looking at the bigger picture, Luwi Nyakansaila describes how the book “shares the cape’s cultural, religious, and societal role.”

Weaving together a narrative that is as enlightening as it is enthralling, Perry unearths the intricate and beautiful secrets of the marvelous Turkey Feather Cape. His deep reverence for the past is palpable in every page of this groundbreaking work.

Journey through time and culture with copies of The Turkey Feather Cape from, and revitalize your creativity through this valuable, rewarding, and heartfelt read.

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