Shreem, an Innovative Pitch Video Platform, Unveiled by Renowned Investor Kevin O’Leary

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Switch easily between tech & real estate

Switch easily between tech & real estate

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Kevin O’Leary has unveiled Shreem, a new pitch video platform for tech and real estate. Currently available exclusively on the AppStore.

Shreem is the ultimate pitch video platform app for tech & real estate.”

— Kevin O’Leary

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 23, 2024 / — Shreem has been unveiled by renowned investor Kevin O’Leary, celebrated for his keen insights on Shark Tank. The app replaces traditional pitch decks as the initial point of discovery with vibrant video pitches, allowing entrepreneurs and innovators to effectively showcase their visions and personalities directly to investors.

Shreem revolutionizes the tech and real estate industries by hosting weekly competitions across 33 channels, where winning pitches are shared with thousands of investors, providing unprecedented exposure and opportunity. Initially available exclusively on the App Store (Shreem app), the platform will expand globally, supporting 17 languages to accommodate diverse innovators and investors worldwide. Winning pitches will also be shared with over 33K followers on Instagram:

Kevin O’Leary comments, “Are you an entrepreneur pitching a deal in tech or real estate? These are two of the largest sectors of the economy. Then you need to learn about Shreem. Shreem is the ultimate pitch video platform app for tech and real estate.”

Support from industry leaders such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI has been instrumental, providing resources that bolster the mission to redefine how entrepreneurs and investors discover each other.

For more information, visit Shreem’s website: Shreem | Global Pitch Videos.

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Kevin O’Leary Unveils Shreem

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