Sonar Media Inc. Unveils Sonar 2.2 with Echo The Next Level in Music Discovery and Social Sharing

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2023 / — This latest update marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Sonar, the innovative mobile app that is reshaping how music enthusiasts discover, share, and interact with music. Sonar Media was co-founded by Jason Markey, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, and tech entrepreneur Chris Palumbo who launched the company in 2022.

Introducing Sonar: A Social Music Revolution

Sonar is a mobile-exclusive application that integrates music streaming with social sharing, creating a unique platform tailored for today’s digital landscape. Currently available for Apple Music subscribers, with Spotify integration on the horizon, Sonar is redefining the music listening experience by offering:

• Personalized Music Profiles: Users can showcase their favorite songs, artists, and albums.

• The Explore Feed: A swipeable, endless feed of music shared by others, with easy add-to-library functionality.

• Echo, the AI Playlist Builder: Leveraging ChatGPT technology, Echo generates tailor-made playlists for an unparalleled music discovery journey.

• Social Interactions: Follow friends, view their latest music shares, and stay connected.

• In-App Chat and Sharing: Effortless music sharing and communication within Sonar.

• Comprehensive Search: Extensive access to streaming service libraries.

• Sonar Library: Enhanced interaction with music through various in-app features.

• Leaderboards: Recognition for sharing trending music.

• Sonar Editorial Picks: Curated selections of songs, artists, and noteworthy Sonar users.

For Every Music Lover

Sonar caters to a broad spectrum of music fans – from casual listeners to avid collectors and explorers. The app has been well-received by a diverse user base, including industry professionals, cementing its position as a comprehensive platform for music discovery and social interaction. In making the announcement, Jason Markey, co-founder, and CEO of Sonar Media Inc., states: “We established Sonar to democratize music consumption by breaking down the barriers to discovering non-marketed music in every genre. With the Sonar app and our innovative Echo technology, there’s a new social music medium in town, and we’re thrilled to offer an enhanced alternative for individuals looking to align and share a new musical experience with fellow fans.”

Pricing and Availability

Sonar is available now on the App Store (excluding Mainland China). It supports iOS and iPadOS devices with iOS 16.4 or higher. Sonar offers a subscription model at $19.99 USD annually or $1.99 USD monthly, with a 3-day trial. Core features are accessible in the free version, with certain limitations.

About Sonar Media Inc.

Founded by Chris Palumbo and Jason Markey, Sonar Media Inc. stands at the forefront of music technology innovation. The duo’s vision is to harmonize music discovery with social sharing, democratizing access to music across the globe.

Echo: The First Persona in Sonar’s AI Revolution

At Sonar, we’re excited to introduce a groundbreaking development in AI playlist curation: personas. Leading this innovative approach is our inaugural persona, Echo, a digital music maestro. Echo’s dedication lies in uncovering uncommon and underrated music, guiding you through a world of unique soundscapes and hidden musical gems. She adores music across all genres but has a special affection for exploring underground and alternative sounds, where creativity thrives beyond the mainstream spotlight.

Chris Palumbo, co-founder, and CPO, explains, “We’ve designed Echo with a strong focus on music discovery, enabling her to naturally gravitate towards the unheard without requiring explicit instructions. While this approach excites those seeking new and unique musical experiences, we understand that it may not align with everyone’s preferences. That’s why we’re committed to evolving and diversifying our persona lineup, ensuring a resonating experience for all users.” Stay engaged with Sonar for more updates as we continue to introduce new personas, each offering an exclusive journey through the sonic universe of Sonar.

This breakthrough in playlist curation was born from our collaboration with Collaborative Dynamics. Well before OpenAI’s 2023 DevDay announcement on “GPT’s,” the Collaborative Dynamics team discerned a crucial insight: generic, robotic instructions to ChatGPT yield generic robotic results. By embedding our ChatGPT-powered AI with distinct personas instead of explicit directives, we discovered the key to generating inspiring and meaningful playlists.

About Jason Markey: Jason Markey, formerly the Global President of Film and Television Music and Publishing at STX Entertainment, has thirty years of experience in the music industry. He is known for his expertise in major-label A&R, publishing, marketing, business development, and music supervision. Markey has contributed to over one hundred films and TV series with a box office gross of over $2 billion.

About Chris Palumbo: Chris Palumbo, co-founder, and CPO of Sonar Media Inc., brings a wealth of experience in data analysis, operations research, neural networks, full-stack development, and user experience (UX) design to the Sonar team. Palumbo holds an industrial engineering degree with a minor in artificial intelligence engineering from the University of Toronto.

Sonar Media Contact: Jason Markey, [email protected]

Press Inquiries: Deborah Radel & Jenna Roy at DRPR, [email protected]

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