Zecue: New Social Media App Relaunches After Changing Name Due to Trademark Opposition

The app to connect with the people you care about

A New Era in Social Media Redefining Connections and Relationships

Sharing my story has brought immense freedom in my life. I am excited for other people to experience what it’s like to be seen and accepted for who you really are. It’s time for deep connections!”

— David Sanchez

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The creators of the innovative social media app, formerly known as ReelMe and then Ocureel, have unveiled their latest transformation as they rebrand to “Zecue.”

While the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) ruled in favor of both ReelMe and Ocureel, stating that there was no likelihood of confusion between Instagram’s “Reels,” the app was compelled to undergo yet another rebrand. “It’s unfortunate but we don’t have the financial means to fight a giant like Instagram,” said David Sanchez, CEO and founder of Zecue. “Even though we liked both of our previous names, the names aren’t what make us unique. Our app is what’s so special.”

Zecue, the brainchild of visionary creators determined to foster deeper connections among users, is not merely a name change but represents a bold leap forward in the world of social media. Unlike its predecessors, Zecue is not just a platform for sharing videos; it is a social media game designed to help users engage more profoundly with family and friends while simultaneously facilitating new connections and friendships.

The creators of Zecue, now armed with a new name and a fresh perspective, are excited to introduce the world to their revolutionary social media game. Zecue is not just a platform for sharing memories; it’s a platform that turns those memories into opportunities for deeper connections and meaningful relationships. It’s the app where users get to share their story, the real and authentic version of themself.

Key features of Zecue include:

Reveal: The main game in the app presents users 2 different questions to answer about their life & experiences. Before taking the leap, users can watch clips from other users who have answered the same questions.

Links: A one-on-one video connection game allows users to connect on a deeper level, taking all the guesswork out of getting to know each other.

Challenge: Every day at a random time users receive an alert to record a random and fun question.

Freestyle: These topics allow users to record clips that motivate, encourage & inspire other users.

Zecue Points: Earn points and move up the leaderboard by contributing, posting clips or engaging with other users’ content.

The Zecue team believes that true connections go beyond superficial highlights of our lives. They envision a world where people can be authentic, seen for who they really are, and build genuine relationships through their social media platform.

“We believe that Zecue represents a new era in social media,” said David Sanchez, CEO and founder of Zecue. “Our journey has been bumpy, but our commitment to fostering deep and meaningful connections has never wavered. We’re excited to introduce the world to Zecue and invite everyone to join us on this transformative social media adventure.”

With the rebranding to Zecue, the creators of this groundbreaking social media game are looking forward to a brighter future, free from the legal battles that have plagued their journey thus far. Zecue aims to provide a safe and enjoyable space for users to connect, create, and embark on meaningful quests with friends and family.

To learn more about Zecue and its mission to redefine social media, please visit zecue.com.

About Zecue:

Zecue is a pioneering social media game designed to foster deeper connections among users. With innovative features, Zecue is redefining social media as a platform for meaningful interactions and genuine relationships. The creators of Zecue are committed to providing a unique and enjoyable experience that goes beyond traditional video sharing.

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What is Zecue?

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