Aniara launches service to publish authors globally

Aniara founder and CEO, Rickard Lundberg

Aniara logotype

Aniara logotype

Chairman of Aniaras board, Erik Fichteliud

Erik Fichtelius

Five times the revenue and worldwide distribution for authors on a new platform. The founding team is from Swedish companies such as Storytel and Spotify.

STOCKHOLM, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, June 3, 2024 / — Five times the revenue per sold/listened title on foreign sales and a worldwide distribution of stories. This is the promise Aniara, a groundbreaking company in the book publishing industry, announces in launching a service designed to help authors and rights holders manage their backlist across the world. The initial version includes operations in seven languages and access to 14 markets. The launch follows seven months of successful testing of translation and production with 30 authors (from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, US, and Argentina). The founding team brings extensive experience from the media industry and renowned companies such as Storytel, Spotify, and Findwise.

Aniara is proud to announce the official launch of its innovative service aimed at transforming the book publishing landscape. This service offers authors and rights holders a seamless service for translating to and from seven languages (including Danish, UK English, US English, German, Swedish, Finnish, Castellan, Catalan, Colombian spanish and Swahili), producing (including e-books, audio, and print-on-demand), and globally distributing their literary works to 14 markets including the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Spain, UK, US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. By doing so, Aniara enables authors to increase their foreign sales revenue by up to five times.

In addition Aniara also serves their authors with weekly sales-data, market by market, a full overview of their rights and agreements and up to five times the sales revenue per sold unit compared to regular foreign sales license agreements.

In a market where only 250-300 Scandinavian authors can make a living from book sales alone, Aniara seeks to revolutionize the economic prospects for authors by expanding their reach to new markets. This service has already started to make an impact, helping authors from Spain, Argentina, the United States, Norway, and Sweden connect with a broader audience.

Rickard Lundberg, acting CEO and founder of Aniara, previously Global Chief Publishing Officer at Storytel, stated, “We are thrilled to launch after seven months of quality assessment and testing our translation and production processes. The book market today is very local and very few authors reach across national borders. Our mission is to empower authors by opening new markets for their published works, allowing them to engage with readers worldwide and earn money from their writing.”

Erik Fichtelius, chairman of the board at Aniara:, “It is nearly impossible to sustain yourself as an author today, and for authors’ stories to reach a global audience, much due to extremely high translation costs and a book industry with many barriers. This is the playing field Aniara intends to change.”

One of the Authors who has been part of the Aniara test phase, Bjorn Ranelid has sold more than one million books in Sweden but has never been translated into another language and crossed the border to other markets:

“At first I was skeptical to these machine translation models that Aniara builds, but this Artistic Intelligence has learned to handle the language of Ranelid. It is so beautiful and I am humbled and thankful beyond belief.”

Aniara’s service leverages advanced technology within book production and a quality-enhanced translation process in six steps built on Natural Language Processing. It offers comprehensive services in seven languages, providing authors with the tools they need to succeed in a global market. This launch represents a significant step forward in the digital transformation of the book publishing industry, offering unprecedented opportunities for authors to reach international audiences and increase their revenue streams.

About Aniara:

Aniara is dedicated to transforming the book publishing industry by providing a robust service for translating, producing, and distributing literary works globally. With a team that brings extensive experience from successful companies such as Storytel, and Spotify, tech startups like Findwise, and the publishing and news media industry, Aniara aims to enhance the financial success of authors and bring diverse stories to a wider audience.

The company name is a hommage to (with permission from the Martinson family) the Swedish Author Harry Martinsons (1974 Nobel Price in Literature) epic space poem “Aniara: a Review of Man in Time and Space” from 1956.


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