Country Music’s Supporting Maestros, High Mountain Breezes, Illuminate The Night With ‘Stars In Lahaina Tonight’

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A Melodic Journey Through Lost Love, Reflection In Paradise

NASHVILLE, TENN, UNITED STATES, March 11, 2024 / — Nashville-based musician, multi-award winning artist/songwriting collaborative, High Mountain Breezes, debuted their first single of 2024, “Stars in Lahaina Tonight” today. This group is made up of the esteemed yet overlooked songwriters, producers, and players who contribute to the touring, creative and songwriting endeavors of country music royalty.

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With over 400,000 Spotify streams on their first album, they’ve attracted the ear of audiophiles globally. The HMB family has worked with the who’s who of country music, including Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, Alabama, Tanya Tucker, George Jones, Shania Twain, Pam Tillis, Emmylou Harris and many more. HMB has been the studio & touring musicians on a plethora of top hits. After years of dedication to the music of others, the creatives behind the High Mountain Breezes have set out to share their own music with the world.

“’A place where beautiful sunsets and night fall collides’ truly sums up the essence of ‘Stars in Lahaina Tonight.’ It’s a song about lifetime love taken away, a sense of deep loss and letting go while finding peace in the paradise where it all began,” said co-writer and High Mountain Breezes Founder and previous Hawaiian resident, Bruce Tarletsky.

“We think it’s so awesome that our friends around the world have embraced our sound and we hope ‘Stars in Lahaina Tonight’ will continue this worldwide embracing of our music.”

The HMB Players contributing to this song are Monty Lane Allen (acoustic guitar), Tim Crouch (fiddle) and Catherine Marx (piano/keyboards). Lead and background vocals were performed by Monty Lane Allen. The song was produced by Allen, Bob Bullock and Chris Latham and co-written by Allen and Bruce Tarletsky.

A dreamlike melody compliments the song’s beautiful storyline based on a real couple who spent a week of stolen time on the magical beaches of Maui. The college sweethearts were separated when the husband was deployed to Vietnam, and “Stars in Lahaina Tonight” tells their story of lost love, reflection and cherished time together.

Stream “Stars in Lahaina Tonight”:

High Mountain Breezes uses their synergy of seemingly different viewpoints, talents and experiences to create a unified and heartfelt message. Meaningful collaboration and pure unbridled fun drives the HMB Players, who started with the what they consider to be the perfect acoustic version of the song, which is then fine-tuned until it was a track close to a final master. Fiddle and piano tracks come next, the vocals are laid, and then the master is complete.

Preview the dream-state lyrics below:

“I still see you at our favorite table, sippin’ on chardonnay

Sun kissed skin in this paradise, that indelible image remains

This place brings it home to me, as I stand on this old rocky coast

Wondering why the best of memories hurt the most.”

Single artwork for “Stars in Lahaina Tonight” illustrates the song’s setting. Taken by HMB Founder Bruce Tarletsky, the song’s cover image is of a starry Lahaina evening with nighttime clouds.

“The picture was taken without any flash and captures the true essence for the song’s inspiration,” said Tarletsky.

The HMB Family of Contributing Players, Vocalist, Songwriters, Producers & Engineers:

Bruce Tarletsky – Founder, Songwriter

Monty Lane Allen – Player, Artist, Songwriter, Co-writer of “Stars in Lahaina Tonight”

Bob Bullock – Producer

Chris Leuzinger – Musician, Songwriter

Michael Spriggs – Musician

Duncan Mullins – Musician

Catherine Marx – Musician

Tim Crouch – Musician

Gwen Sebastian – Artist

Ron Wallace – Artist

Melissa DuVall – Artist

Amanda Raye – Artist

Vicki Hampton – Background Vocal Artist

Robert Bailey – Background Vocal Artist

Heather Becket Riley – Artist, Songwriter

Dave Gibson – Artist, Songwriter

Conrad Reeder – Artist, Songwriter

Darrell Cole – Artist, Songwriter

Jan Buckingham – Songwriter

Janie West – Song Pitch Mentor

Mark Beckett – Musician

Jermaine Mondine – Musician

Dustin Soper – Marketing, Branding

Ed Gertler – Digital Distribution

Kyle Hershman – Engineer

Chris Latham – Producer, Engineer

Contributing Friends of the HMB:

Deborah Allen – Artist

Benita Hill – Artist

Daryl Lee O’Donnell – Artist

Larry Chaney – Producer

About High Mountain Breezes

HMB is a collection of lifelong music friends who take time out of their professional careers to come together to reconnect, share in friendship and God-given talent to create their own style of music together. In the studio, it is a very heartfelt and spiritual experience shared among friends who love what they do as opposed to a standard studio work session.

One player expressed the spirit of HMB very eloquently when he said, “The gift of being a worthy session player is two-fold, first; using one’s palette to augment something already beautiful, and second, being trusted and skilled enough to do it.”

When HMB comes together as a team, members use this sentiment for the collective whole. In a way, the HMB players are leaving their own mark on music, by creating a unique legacy. When together, it is truly a collaborative effort where time stands still. Everyone from the players, the vocalist, the songwriting team and producers contribute to our songs.

When you hear one of the High Mountain Breezes’ songs, you will feel the chemistry of years of friendship paired with musical mastery achieved only through each member’s legendary skillset combined.

With overflowing talent, the High Mountain Breezes players have more offerings than their music alone. HMB offers songwriter mentoring sessions for those just starting out or those looking to take their skills to the next level.

Imagine learning the do’s and don’ts on how to write a hit from the brain behind Alabama’s #1 smash “Jukebox in My Mind”! HMB is also available to consult on other artists’ projects, including helping with songwriter demos and artist sessions. Contact HMB for more information:



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