DANO Network Surpassed 100 Million Viewers and Trillions of Ad Impressions Worldwide

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DANO Network partners with Hulu to service advertisers.

DANO Network is a Hulu advertising partner.

The free streaming tv platform created by filmmakers.

DANO Network, a free-streaming TV platform created by filmmakers, has surpassed 100 million viewers and trillions of ad impressions worldwide.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 16, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — DANO Network, a free-streaming TV platform created by filmmakers, has surpassed 100 million viewers and trillions of ad impressions worldwide. The platform offers an affordable choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs to advertise their products and services on streaming TV. The subscription-based advertising model allows advertisers’ advertisements to run continuously for as long as they are subscribed. Advertisers can switch out their creatives once every 30 days, and for an additional fee, they can access Hulu’s 40 million US subscribers at a discounted rate.

The rise of click-bots and impression bots on social media platforms has devalued social media advertising, making streaming TV advertisements one of the safest investments for advertisers. DANO Network has recently announced its viewer loyalty program, DANO Select, which rewards members for streaming TV on their network. The program has generated lots of new viewers worldwide, further adding value to DANO Network’s advertisers.

Dano Veal, the founder of DANO Network, believes that streaming TV ads are not just for large corporations but also for small businesses and entrepreneurs. He calls the new generation the 1099 generation because technology allows everyone the option to work for themselves to make a living. The same advances in technology allow entrepreneurs and small businesses to advertise on streaming TV, just like large corporations, for a fraction of the cost.

Despite the benefits of streaming TV advertising, many entrepreneurs and small businesses are still afraid to invest in it. They believe that streaming TV ads are only for large corporations, and many ad agencies scare them away with high retainer fees. DANO Network offers an affordable option for small businesses and entrepreneurs, making it easier for them to advertise on the next level.

Dano Veal advises entrepreneurs and new businesses to avoid social media advertising because of the prevalence of bots and fake impressions. He believes that word of mouth, TV advertising, and billboards are the most efficient and honest ways to advertise.

If you need advertisements, you can subscribe to DANO Network at www.danotv.app/advertise. An agent will contact you to retrieve your advertisement video and requests, and your approved advertisements will go live in as soon as two business days. If you don’t have an advertisement video, DANO Network can create one for you. With DANO Network, small businesses and entrepreneurs can advertise on streaming TV, just like large corporations, at an affordable price.

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