Legis Music Release the Simplest and Cheapest License for Businesses Searching for Royalty-Free Music

Barcelona, Spain – Legis Music (legismusic.com), a company that provides licenses for using royalty-free music, is excited to announce the release of the simplest and cheapest license for businesses searching for royalty-free music.

Already offering several licenses on its website, such as Starter and Personal, the new license for businesses by Legis Music allows companies, after a unique payment of $99, to use the company’s music forever without any restrictions.

“We partnered with the best companies in this industry to provide you with all the musical options so you can choose the one that suits best your needs, but also we offer you the easiest licensing system you will find out there,” said a spokesperson for Legis Music. “No more copyright complaints, ever. We got you covered.”

The business license plan can be used anywhere and gives businesses complete freedom to access unlimited song downloads and to use their chosen music in client’s work, online advertising, TV, radio, and cinema; the only restriction is that it can’t be resold.

Additionally, the business license provides businesses the opportunity to offer as many of its clients as they want to use the royalty-free music and can rest assured that they will never receive a copyright claim in the future as the license is for life and does not have an expiration date.

The spokesperson from Legis Music continued, “Royalty-free music is licensed instead of simply purchased or being under Creative Commons licenses. This gives you, as a professional, peace of mind when it comes to using any of our songs in your client’s projects.”

Created with the intention of providing its clients with the broadest and easiest license that exists, Legis Music has the convenient option for businesses to pay for the plan via credit or debit card (and Stripe for secure payments) but also asks if individuals have an alternative, more preferred way, then they should contact its friendly customer service team.

The lifetime subscription offered by the royalty-free music company ensures that businesses need only to pay the fee once, and they will then have access to the full list of music that covers the majority of genres, such as chill, funky, corporate, pop, jazz and techno forever at Legis Music, as well as all the new additions that will be added over time.

“Even the most expensive monthly subscriptions are really cheap when you think about it: you can use the music in a TV advertisement or a big movie!… while hiring a composer or a band will cost you thousands of dollars. Prices of royalty-free music are low because of scalability: the Internet has allowed us, musicians, to store and distribute easily any song to thousands of potential buyers and sell many licenses for a single unit (song). If everyone knew the work that’s behind it, they would say that it is really cheap,” further stated the spokesperson from Legis Music.

Legis Music invites those who are interested to contact its excellent customer support team via email or contact form to find out more about its range of license plans.

More Information

To learn more about Legis Music and the release of its new license for businesses searching for royalty-free music, please visit the website at https://legismusic.com/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/legis-music-release-the-simplest-and-cheapest-license-for-businesses-searching-for-royalty-free-music/

About Legis Music

We started Legis Music with almost no resources, first even creating ourselves the background music and then, after a while, discovering that the best way we could help our clients was by giving away all the information we gathered about Royalty-free music.

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Website: https://legismusic.com/

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