Natalac & DJ Red Announce Upcoming Release of ‘Love & Pimp-Hop – Slowed & Chopped’

This fresh new album will make its official debut on June 5, 2024, but fans can get a sneak peek with singles dropping now.

HOUSTON, TX, USA, May 13, 2024 / — Fans are getting ready for a fresh new album drop from Natalac and DJ Red (Screwed Up Records & Tapes). On June 5, 2024, ‘Love & Pimp-Hop – Slowed & Chopped’ will make its official debut. Fans and followers have been begging for details on this album, and now Natalac has an update. Fans can expect to hear some of the biggest names in the rap underworld on this album, including JT Money, Suga Free, Kokane, Benzino, La Chat, and others. Tracks from the album will be released slowly over the next month, with an official debut of the ‘Love & Pimp-Hop – Slowed & Chopped’ album happening on June 5.

DJ Red, from Houston, Texas, based Screwed Up Records & Tapes, brings his dynamic rap mixtape and DJ skills to ‘Love & Pimp-Hop – Slowed & Chopped’, and Natalac brings his authentic old school-meets-modern rap to the table for a collaboration that is already leaving audiences excited and ready to hear more. Natalac injects his pimp hop sound that crowds love for a can’t-stop-listening experience. Together, DJ Red, Natalac, La Chat, and the other artists on the album deliver a sound that brings pimp hop and a slowed, chopped sound to the south.

Fans in the south know that DJ Red is from Houston and Natalac is from Jacksonville, making this album an iconic drop for southern rap fans. The full album isn’t available just yet, but fans can get their first taste of ‘Love & Pimp-Hop – Slowed & Chopped’ with the first release off the album. “My Bottom” has been released, and it already has fans putting it on replay with its contagious melody and beat. Stream “My Bottom” on the top streaming platforms now by visiting for all the links.


Natalac is a Jacksonville, Florida, based rapper and CEO of Natalac Express and Natalac Records.


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