National Reparations Leaders Convene in Washington to Take Action

Human Rights and Self-Determination for Blacks (Afrodescendants) Pro-Black Convention of the Year

Black folks are ready to take decisive action in the fight for Reparations. The time for deliberations and begging for justice has come to an end.”

— Malik Z. Shabazz, ADN National Conductor

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2024 / — EVENT: Afrodescendant Nation 2024 National Reparations Convention
Friday – May 17, 2024
Saturday – May 18, 2024
Sunday – May 19, 2024
Monday – May 20, 2024
LOCATION: Lincoln Temple United Church
Shaw Community Center
1701 11th Street NW – Washington, DC 20001

The Afrodescendant Nation (ADN) will convene the 2024 National Reparations Convention at the historic Lincoln Temple United Church in Washington, DC for four consecutive days: Friday, May 17, (6 PM–10 PM); Saturday, May 18, (12:00 Noon–10:00 PM); Sunday, May 19, (3:00 PM–8:00 PM); Monday, May 20, (12:00 Noon–4:00 PM). The 2024 ADN National Reparations Convention is expected to be the strongest reparations convention ever. Registration is required.

National reparations leaders, organizations, and delegates from all over the United States will pool their resources and organize on a common front for the tough battle ahead. Afrodescendant Nation founder, the Honorable Silis Muhammad, states, “We demand full and complete reparations, and we must have self-determination now. This is the fulfillment of the vision of my teacher, Messenger Elijah Muhammad.” Mr. Muhammad’s 40-year fight for reparations is reaching new heights as the ADN.

The National Reparations Convention confirmed keynote speakers and panelists are Dr. Cornel West (Presidential Candidate); Malik Z. Shabazz, Esq., Black Lawyers for Justice / ADN Conductor; The Honorable Silis Muhammad (Afrodescendant Nation Founder); Dr. Tony Browder (IKG Cultural Resource Center); Nkechi Taifa, Esq. (Expert Reparations Attorney); Rashaad Singleton (National Reparations League); Dr. Melina Abdullah (Black Lives Matter); Warrior Woman (Lakota Nation); Priscilla Sterling Till (Senatorial Candidate); Dr. Akilah Mukarram (President–Afrodescendant Nation); Efia Nwangaza, Esq. (Malcolm X Center for Self Determination); John C. Barnett (T.H.U.G.); Kamm Howard (Reparations United); Reginald Muhammad (National Reparations Institute).

The fight for reparations and compensation for the descendants of enslaved people in all over America, national, regional, and local groups are taking aggressive action to enact formal remedies for the damage that was done to Blacks in America because of the transatlantic slave trade, Jim Crow, and the severe systemic racism that still exists in America today.

“Black folks are ready to take decisive action in the fight for Reparations. The time for deliberations and begging for justice has come to an end.”– Malik Z. Shabazz, Esq. newly appointed ADN National Conductor.

In January 2024, the ADN and its partners launched a National Plebiscite (Vote) Campaign amongst the 40 million Blacks in America. The National Plebiscite is a formal referendum and vote amongst the masses of Black People as to their desires for Reparations for their future. The results of the National Plebiscite will be presented to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Text REPARATIONS to 877.506.2184 to cast your vote for Reparations and register with this national reparation movement.

Also on the convention agenda is what organizers are calling a “National Sanctions and Boycott Campaign” against companies and organizations with ties to slavery. Activists claim announcements on this project are coming “within a few days.” A major announcement of support from Presidential Candidate Dr. Cornel West and VP pick Melina Abdullah, national leader of Black Lives Matter, will take place Monday 5.20.2024 at the National Press Club, Washington, DC.

ADN Senator Hubert Bass from Arkansas says, “The Reparations movement is not playing anymore. We must have fast political action or there will be serious political consequences.”

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2024 National Reparations Convention

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