Photographer Touch Announces Release of its New Informative Pages on Canon and Nikon

San Francisco, California – Photographer Touch, a photography website devoted to providing visitors with a range of in-depth articles on the latest cameras, lenses, gear, and guides, is pleased to announce the release of its new informative articles on Canon and Nikon, to give both beginner and professional photographers perspective about these companies, and what they are after every quarter.

The new articles offer readers detailed reviews of the most popular cameras and lenses for both Canon and Nikon, as well as providing a helpful insight where the mirrorless cameras the camera lenses in going, alongside a great resource about the companies products, from cameras to lenses by taking in various factors such as size, style, and photography type. Photographer Touch’s articles also highlight the key reasons individuals should consider when buying a new camera or a lens, including how it can help develop a photographer’s skills and contribute to earning more with their business.

“Are you looking to buy the very best Canon’s camera, or lenses? We searched through Canon’s entire catalog to find the best lenses for everyone from beginners to award-winning nature photographers,” said a spokesperson for Photographer Touch. “Nikon might not get as much love as Canon (in terms of market share) or Sony (in the mirrorless world), but there was a time when Nikon was the best camera company in the business. Let’s see how well their lenses hold up after all these years.”

Photographer Touch provides a comprehensive description of each Nikon and Canon camera, and camera lens it displays in its article, as well as emphasizing the pros and cons of the equipment to offer photographers all the information needed to help them make an informed decision.

Additionally, the photography website walks readers through the main differences between a professional and budget lens, such as:

Professional: These are generally more expensive but come with more features as well as a sturdier build. They can stand up to inclement weather conditions such as light rain and dusty environments like doing photography in the desert. On a technical level, they do create cleaner photographs, but this is something that can be compensated for with skill.

Budget: The more economic option, budget lenses have less features and can’t produce as clean of an image as a professional lens, but if a photographer has enough skills, they can make even the most discounted lens take professional photographs.

Photographer Touch also recommends that when individuals are considering a new lens, they should take into account their current lens collection.

“You also need to consider the current selection of lenses that you have when you go to buy a new one. A smart buy is to look for gaps in your current lens coverage. Maybe you have a bunch of telephoto lenses but no wide-angle lenses. Looking at the lenses you currently own is going to help you pick the right one for you,” furthered the spokesperson for Photographer Touch.

Throughout both of its new articles, Photographer Touch highlights how, although Nikon is the less popular brand in terms of market share, it has an extensive selection of lenses to suit all types of photography and, just like Canon, is more than capable of handling weddings, events, portraits, and every other type of professional photography.

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