The Role of TubcuT® in Preventing Bathroom Falls and Injuries

The adaptive tub conversion is an efficient and cost-effective approach for enhancing bathroom safety.”

— Kristy Gaudin

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, USA, December 18, 2023 / — With a steady rise in bathroom-related accidents, particularly among seniors and individuals with mobility challenges, A New Beginning Refinishing has highlighted the TubcuT® Conversion as a crucial solution in addressing this pressing issue. Kristy Gaudin, owner of A New Beginning Refinishing and who offers the TubcuT® service in Louisiana, has elaborated on the transformational role of this innovative bathroom modification.

Understanding the Risks in Traditional Bathrooms

Traditional bathtubs often present a high risk for slips and falls due to their tall sidewalls and slippery surfaces. These risks are amplified for individuals with mobility impairments, the elderly, and those recovering from surgeries or injuries. The TubcuT® Conversion aims to mitigate these hazards by transforming a conventional bathtub into a safe, walk-in shower.

The Customizable Nature of TubcuT®

A pivotal feature of the TubcuT® Conversion is its customizable design. This tailored adaptation process involves converting existing bathtubs into accessible walk-in showers without the need for a complete overhaul. This conversion is achieved by creating a seamless, factory-like opening in the bathtub, allowing for easy and safe access.

Enhancing Safety and Accessibility

Kristy Gaudin explained, “TubcuT® is designed to lower the threshold of the tub to just 4 inches above the floor, which significantly reduces the risk of slips and falls.” This lower entry point offers a safer alternative for seniors and individuals with disabilities, providing them with a comfortable and accessible bathing experience.

Lifetime Warranty as a Quality Assurance

In line with its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the TubcuT® Conversion comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty is a testament to the durability and reliability of the conversion, offering peace of mind to customers seeking a long-term solution for bathroom accessibility.

TubcuT®: Beyond a Bathroom Modification

The TubcuT® Conversion is more than just a structural change; it’s a step towards independence and dignity for many individuals. By enabling safe and comfortable access to bathing facilities, TubcuT® allows individuals to maintain their autonomy and daily routines without compromising on safety.

Cost-Effective Solution for Bathroom Safety

Gaudin also highlighted the practicality and affordability of the TubcuT® Conversion compared to full bathroom remodels. “The adaptive tub conversion is an efficient and cost-effective approach for enhancing bathroom safety,” she noted. The process can be completed in about half a day by Certified TubcuT® Installers, making it a quick and less intrusive option than traditional renovations.

Compatibility with Various Bathtub Materials

The versatility of the TubcuT® Conversion extends to its adaptability with different bathtub materials. Whether fiberglass, acrylic, steel, or cast iron, the TubcuT® can be installed, making it a suitable option for a wide range of homes and bathroom styles.

Addressing Senior Safety and Independence

The TubcuT® Conversion has a significant role in senior safety. Gaudin emphasized the importance of solutions that not only ensure safety but also help seniors maintain their independence. “These conversions are crucial for senior self-esteem and overall quality of life,” she stated.


The TubcuT® Conversion offered by A New Beginning Refinishing is emerging as a vital tool in reducing bathroom falls and injuries, particularly among vulnerable populations. By combining safety, accessibility, and style, TubcuT® is redefining bathroom modifications, making them a valuable addition to any home.

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